October 4, 2011

emo and shit

I have this nubile Indon girl working as a Quality Inspector under me, whose daily job – apart from checking for product defects – includes auditing the workplace for petty non-compliances like discipline problems, etc. One of the things included is, not tying one’s long hair up.

So far, she did quite a job catching many workplace operators violating this. But there’s one dumb thing that she always do while performing her audit – she let her long hair hang down herself. That was like, a drunken policeman catching drunk drivers. This of course, rankled some of the operators who felt it was a case of pot calling the kettle black. Recently, things got quite serious when one fat housewife operator decided to threaten her for being such a bitch. She got upset about it and I decided to give her a talk…

[translated from Malay/Indon language]

“Why didn’t you tie your hair up like the rest of the people here?”

“I don’t think it’s necessary, because mine isn’t too long”

It’s a fucking lie. Her hair’s long. In her early 20’s, I reckoned that it must be of grave importance for her to look every bit good, and that’s why she had to let her hair down. She is of ripe age to look for a mate. And from the way I observed about her, she wants to get some lead poisoning in her cooter by those Filipino technicians who handle non-RoHS soldering work everyday. Either that or she’s just plain stupid.

“You see that tomboy’s hair? Now THAT’s short. Yours isn’t short.” [pointed at a nearby tomboy’s hairstyle, tomboy smiled back]

“… … …” [silence]

“If you do not want to tie your hair, you need to cut your hair like that tomboy. It will still look good on you.”

“No I don’t want to.”

“Or maybe you can wear a headscarf (tudung), like the Malay girls around here. You won’t have to worry about tying anything.”

“No I don’t want to. It’s boring!” [disgusted]

“Boring? You can add some racing stickers on your headscarf, it won’t be boring lor! I don’t care, and nobody cares!”

I was about to even propose her to tailor-make a tudung with some Angry Birds patterned fabrics (to make it exciting and shit), but she was obviously too upset to continue with the conversation… so I left her alone.

Girls and their fucking emo. I guess I just had a taste of what I have to deal with when my daughter grows up. It’s going to be hell of a ride, I’m sure.

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2 Comments to “emo and shit”

  1. jw says:

    hahaha Angry Birds patterned fabric… good one!

  2. Shar says:

    Girls and their hair! Good grief. I had a colleague who took a day off (mind you she was the project manager and it was on the day of the tender submission) because she has an appointment with the freaking hotshot hairdresser to dye it black because her roots are showing…..

    I told her there are many affordable and DYI kits from the pharmacy. She gave me death stare. She also got upset when I told her temp solution includes using a black marker from office.

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