August 29, 2011

7th week

Today marks the 7th week of my mother’s passing. It is a very significant day in Buddhism for the departed. That is why we congregated at my mother’s niche for rites and prayers.

All these while, I never felt that my mother had gone. I guess I was still reeling in from the shock, and I didn’t shed a single tear. It felt as if, mom was just away for a really long vacation, as she sometimes did. But when I was kneeling down today in front of her memorial tablet, when I was listening to the chants of the Buddhist nun, it suddenly came crashing down on me that my mother was gone. A pang of extreme sadness washed over me, and I started to recall the happier times we had with each other. I managed to wipe my tears away before anyone could see.

I hope my mom would find peace in this, and I have a lot of moving on to do.

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