August 7, 2011


I went into a meeting the other day with this guy customer… he’s a weirdo. Here’s what he did in a formal meeting:

– chant someone’s name like 2 dozen times just so that his brain could register it into his limited memory.
– skip repeatedly in a frigid pose when cogitating a simple question
– winked at a fellow male colleague (thank god not me) for no reason
– called me Michelle.
– held and stared at an inanimate object (calculator) while muttering something incomprehensible.

What a loco. I was so goddamn freaked out in that meeting. But then, it was still less than the feeling of absolute disappointment because I wanted his job so badly. I mean, at least I know I’m normal when compared to this crazy turd here and I’m light years ahead of what he could do on steroids.

The world is so fucking unfair.

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6 Comments to “unfair”

  1. fool says:

    is ur customer german? because in german, michael is pronounced like michelle. anyway, he’s still a freak. too bad we all have freaky customers to handle.

  2. Zizi says:

    Holy crap… That’s insanity in a meatbag… Best of luck with him mate.

  3. michaelooi says:

    I would have duly understood if he’s a German. But he’s a fucking Chinese makahai

  4. ahsiang says:

    1. customer always right
    2. look at first rule :P

  5. ROJAK says:

    what a scary experience..fuh!

  6. Shar says:

    I met a Singaporean (they are everywhere) customer, migrated here ages ago but still speaks Singlish. Not that I have any issues with people’s accent but dude kept telling me how much he loves durians, coming over to JB and Penang food when he found out I am Malaysian. And he started telling me where I could get good authentic Malaysian food in Shitney. And there I was trying to sell him solution for his freaking biometrics identity project. Kanasai.

    Next time, I am going to tell people I am from Nigeria.

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