July 9, 2011

telemarketers – eat shit and die

Do you guys know that it is a cardinal sin for telemarketers to send information through any means except the telephone, just because they’re called ‘telemarketers’?

I’ve proven it once. A few days ago, I’ve proven it again.

It was a lady with a thick Indian accent, whom, for reasons unknown to even myself, I imagined to look like that Datuk Ambiga something something (yeah, that Bersih aunty).

Telemarketer: “Hi Mr. Ooi, this is Ambiga calling from X bank. I am here to promote this super awesome insurance that you must buy et al~~”
[not her real name, and not verbatim]

Me: “Errmm, sorry, I have already bought a bunch of insurances.”

Telemarketer: “You really have to listen to this offer I have for you because it is different. This insurance is ~~~”

She started to ejaculate her insurance stuff on the phone, and I didn’t even get a chance to respond. I had to cut her off instead.

Me: “Whoa there, Datuk Ambiga. Look, it’s been a long day in the office, and I’m tired as shit. Anything you say on the phone will not be registered by my brain so, why don’t you email me your wonderful offer with all the notes inside, I’d take a look at it and call you back if I’m interested?”

Telemarketer: “I’ll make it simple enough for you to understand, you just need to give me 3 minutes~~~”

Me: “No I’m sorry. I just can’t. Email me, I’ll take some time to read it through and take a thorough consideration of your offer.”

Telemarketer: “But this is telemarketing, I can’t send you the information through email… just the phone…”

Me: “Well then, it is YOUR LOSS lah! Ok??”

Telemarketer: “Ok ok, bye Mr Ooi”

Fucking telemarketers.

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4 Comments to “telemarketers – eat shit and die”

  1. Adrian says:

    Well, that’s the whole point. Telemarketer is to call you on the phone. If email, that’s spammer.

    There’s a new category, SMSketer. They are the ones that send out promotions via SMS. I got plenty about booze, pubs opening, happy hour, and all that shit. (PS: I coined the word SMSketer myself and not sure if there’s an official term for these people or not)

  2. michaelooi says:

    I don’t think that’s right. In my opinion, the rule of a trade is very simple – to use whichever medium that is convenient in order to make the product/service sell. If it takes me to use telepathic medium to make my product sell, and I have no problem doing it, then by all means… why the fuss? That’s just being dumb.

  3. ahsiang says:

    I got too many SMS spam already. I know from a friend that doing mutual funds that all these marketing people have a a lot of list of phone numbers that they trade to each other. How they got it? From bank or any company that you put your phone number in when you register or something. Some time I think that is the telco company that sell that list.

    And for telemarketer, if I have time, I just let them do all the talking and then say no at the end. :P

  4. anas says:

    if the first question asked was whether i’m still using my credit card, i’d lie and say i canceled my card. they will hang up, i win.

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