June 23, 2011

“I Saw The Devil” (2011)

Honestly, I never dig Korean movies. I’ve watched some before, and they all suck donkey cock. Too fucking emo and shit. But not this one. “I Saw The Devil”, is da bomb. This flick leaves very little room for boring scripts and tales, but instead, packed with lots of action and gore. And believe me, the gore level is so realistic, that it made me cringe (and it’s really hard to make me cringe). It’s brutal, it’s straight to the point and it doesn’t pretend to be something else. Kinda made all the slashers of the 21st century look like Saturday morning cartoons. It’s THAT fucking good.

And because it is a Korean movie, it has to have some emo parts too. But it is in an appropriate level and not too annoying for me. Judging from the crapload amount of blood, torture and brutal hackings, I could make do of some tear shedding and snow flakes. The plot’s also unique too. It is about the good side being on the bad side, and the bad in the pity spotlight. Confusing yeah, and that’s what makes the whole experience of watching this flick so wonderful. The cinematography is also a gem too. One can almost instantly tell that a lot of effort has been put to make the scenes look as good as it can be. The whole package is simply a masterpiece.

The only grouse I would probably have is the toughness of people in the plots, which in my opinion, isn’t really logical. Like, if you get clobbered in the head or stabbed in the jugular for like, 4 – 5 times successively, chances are high that you’re gonna wind up dead from the loss of blood or trauma, if not fall into coma for a few days. But then in this flick, the people would survive and sober up enough to endure another round of torture by the antagonist. I know Korean cars are tough, but are the people proportionately the same too? Oh well, anyway, it wouldn’t have been that fun had the victims died in every first attack.

I’d give this flick an 8 out of 10 in awesomeness, highest I’ve ever given for an Asian flick. Go watch it. It’s good.

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7 Comments to ““I Saw The Devil” (2011)”

  1. ed says:

    the actor on the right looks like he was in G.I.Joe..

  2. michaelooi says:

    It is the actor on the left (on the poster) that you should check out. That guy’s acting is damn superb.

  3. myles says:

    Min-sik Choi. He was super in ‘Old Boy’, best Korean actor ever.

  4. Lily says:

    ok, ok, i will watch it.

    (downloading…) ;-)

  5. bongkersz says:

    I shall look up this movie the next time I visit the p-dvd shops!

  6. chichicha says:

    I was so reluctant to download this one despite given high rating in imdb simply because it’s korean made. I fucking hate korean drama.
    Alright, I trust you, don’t fucking let me down cos its file size is 13.5GB, gonna takes me 12 hours to download it.

  7. Water 2010 says:

    Well, Koreans are tough, with all that taekwondo and shits. Off to the DVD shops it is!

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