June 8, 2011


You know, when I first bought my Android smart phone (that was almost a year ago), many people got concerned. They’d ask, why didn’t you get an iPhone?? Like I had made the worst decision there ever was, and I’m gonna die a virgin. When I tried to explain, none of my words would make any sense to these people whom I’d refer as ‘Apple fanatics’.

“But you should have gotten an iPhone! It’s awesome!”

Why an iPhone? No they can’t explain objectively. But they’d give the same fucked up reaction of why I didn’t get an iPhone. It’s almost like, they were voodoofied by some chicken shit black magic. So since I can’t verbally explain why I didn’t get an iPhone, I decided to write it out instead, and let there be a written documentation for our future generation to read about…

7 reasons why I didn’t get an iPhone :

1. It uses micro SIM card. That means, in the event that my iPhone gets toasted, I can’t use that micro SIM card on other normal phones. Other normal phones do not use a micro SIM card. Micro SIM card is fucked up and useless. My android phone uses a normal SIM card, so I do not get that problem.

2. If the battery goes dead on an iPhone, the whole things gets sent in for repair. It’s almost like, having a car with a sealed engine hood – which you’d need to send to Japan every time its battery goes dead. It’s a no brainer. I can have as many batteries as I want with my Android.

3. I can’t use any third party contraband bluetooth headphone with an iPhone. I have to buy one from Apple. That means, this product has limitations. I can mate my Android phone with any contraband head set. It’s like given a choice to choose ‘useful’ and ‘useless’.

4. If I like a ringtone from a friend’s phone, I can’t have him/her to beam me a copy directly (not without some tricks) because an iPhone can’t share mp3 files. It’s like, needing to cheat your wife to have sex with you. It’s stupid. I don’t have such problems with my Android (for that matter, even normal ‘non-smart’ phones).

5. An iPhone is boring. An android can add widgets and customize the screen like nobody’s business. I can’t do that with iPhone. With an iPhone, I’m stuck with the same shit every day.

6. Every la-la girl and douchebag owns a fucking iPhone. It makes me feel inferior, cheap and dirty if I get an iPhone. It contradicts my nature of wanting to be unique, different and being a realist. I need a phone that is practical, not something to show off like a skank.

7. I don’t like iPhone. Period. Pretty much like why I don’t like the hordes of ugly fitches who camwhore and purse their lips all the fucking time. When I think of iPhone, I think of them. So, fuck iPhone.


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16 Comments to “iPhone”

  1. Joe says:

    Seriously, why didnt you get an iphone?

  2. naeboo says:

    I hv no probs w iPhone.I do,however, hv a prob with the rabid fanbois. So annoying.my money my problem lar what I buy, be it android, ckt or a used condom. ccb!

  3. jusoh says:

    “I can have as many batteries as I want with my Android.”
    WTF? who the hell is going to buy spare batteries for his/her phone?

    but nonetheless, iphone is only for gay people.

  4. sweewon says:

    …and I’m against Apple because I don’t like the rate they’re introducing new products! Ppl haven’t yet settled with iPad, iPad 2 came out. Then iPad 3 prolly launching soon. $$ sucker. :P

  5. naeboo says:

    sweewon> no one force u to get the latest and most up-to-date product of everything what. wtf

  6. gagak hitam says:

    An Android owner for 3 months…….had all the same thinking like u for reasons not buying Iphone…including it’s basically overpriced ( if u not taking any plan from telco )

  7. harris says:

    @sweewon if you don’t like Apple for their rate of introducing new products, you might hate Android or other tech too. just think about it, more phones and tablets coming everyday.
    @naeboo yes, more fanbois are coming from the “magical” Apple camp. I myself are getting an Ipad 2 soon while having Samsung Galaxy S. techs are not meant to be idolized. only gay men + bitch whore do that.

  8. Yatz says:

    i anti-Apple fanatics, not the phone. Would love to try Android after BB

  9. Tan Yee Hou says:


    Well I didn’t have a good impression of the Android initially because I was playing with my friend’s Galaxy S, which many should know by now that it sucks donkey balls with the stock firmware.

    Tried the Incredible S the other day and mmmmmm it was good.

  10. cindy says:

    Apple fanatics… Agree!! Any other points…. Agree as well!!!… Well.. its not that difficult to own an Iphone but the usability and the realistic behind all that shit??? Come on!!!… Hence, don’t be an Apple-slave…. they are like parasites..sucking every penny out of your wallet.

  11. sweewon says:

    naeboo- no I not against Apple because I try to get all the latest gadgets. that’s not my point. I was just saying that they are evolving way too fast, profiting from those who idolize the brand (as mentioned by harris).

    And I’m not saying that they are wrong because well, THAT, is how business goes.

  12. EinsamSoldat says:

    Fanatical iPhone fan gals/boys; call them either iZealot or iZombie.

  13. ahsiang says:

    To Apple fanatics, iPhone is so dinosaur with iOS, even with latest iOS5, still the same old interface, since like 1 million years ago, and yes it looks gay.
    I am still using old Windows Mobile (coz earning RM sucks), but my interface can be and had upgraded to looks much cooler than your stupid iOS. muahahahhaha.

  14. tzerkin says:

    omg… this post makes perfect sense why we shouldn’t get get a bloody iphone. And yes they come out with new product way too fast to the point that you just want their new product fast! (i have witness this craze with my own eyes)

    iphones and blackberry are getting too common hence i agree about being unique part as well. I’m going for an android screw you apple!

  15. 2Damage says:

    hey dude, maybe you will like this Google Iphone 4 :)

  16. fan says:

    101 % agree !!! Esp on the la-la girl part. I didn’t get an iphone too.

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