May 29, 2011

stupid gift

My daughter had been pestering me to buy her a music box for days. Because her birthday is drawing near, I decided to give in to her request and brought her to the nearest mall to find one during the weekend. That was why I ended up looking around in one of the gaudy gift shops – and spotted this hideous piece of shit here :

Sorry for the poor image quality, as I was in a frantic mode and was doing it quick because I wouldn’t want to be caught dead snapping the picture of this thing here. But you know what it is. It’s a fucking kerosene lamp cheapened by the color red. This fucking thing actually brought back memories when I was a teenager. Shocking as hell, I received one during Valentine’s Day, and I don’t remember from whom it was. I can only recall being so irked by it, that I immediately tossed it into a dustbin and let off a spasmodic shiver.

I mean, what the fuck do I do with it? To actually light that thing up with kerosene?? And then what?? Smoke a pipe of opium with it?? It doesn’t make any sense! I could probably use a thousand and one thing out there in this world, but this?? It’s fucking insulting. So, to you teenage stupid fucks out there, don’t buy something like this as a gift to someone. It’s stupid. Get something practical instead. Like a USB flash drive, or perhaps a set of Meguiar car care products…

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10 Comments to “stupid gift”

  1. sweewon says:

    creepy, like old chinese ghost movies.

  2. nick says:

    nice..back in my hometown, when i was a kid during the ’80s, these lamps are quite useful during blackouts. i’m sure i can still find them at my grandma’s house. of course the quality is better back then, using proper thickness glass and no fancy shmancy colored glass.

  3. Rojakgal says:

    My grandma actually have a similiar lamp back then, not a red one though. It was used to light up the bedroom (like a bedside lamp) at night so that we don’t have to sleep in complete darkness.

  4. Victor Hoh says:

    ya… some QuickDetailer, wax/sealant, couple microfiber and those ultra expensive water magnets will be awesome! For now the only Meguiar’s product I have bought is the Cleaner Wax.

  5. doc2mee says:

    Customary gift for newlywed lah.
    Replaces the long red candles used for kahwin.
    Suppose to light it overnight so the couple’s marriage will last.
    Maybe got other purpose, I do not know leh.
    No wonder so many divorces nowadays, no one seems to practice this anymore.
    So now you know, i am an old man …keke

  6. michaelooi says:

    what’s wrong with candles?

  7. doc2mee says:

    nothing wrong but if not careful can burn down your house,
    same – same with kerosene lamp lor
    Guess now we use lampu merah.. never burnt out lor.

  8. xes says:

    I thought it’s a bong -_-

  9. mott says:

    lol.. thot it was a bong too… LOL

  10. michaelooi says:

    A bong doesn’t look even remotely similar like this lar…

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