April 28, 2011

I hurt someone’s feelings

A female colleague was hyping about the impending royal marriage between prince William and some chick during lunch at Company Y cafeteria…

Female colleague : “Prince William is going to get married tomorrow SQUEAL SQUEAL SQUEAL!”

Then she went on to remark how much the prince resembled his beautiful mother, Diana, and inherited the good looks.

Me : “No I think Harry’s better and tougher. William looks like a sissy. Besides, he is balding. Male pattern baldness. Not handsome anymore. Totally ugly.”

Coincidentally, there was this manager who sat just opposite me, who is balding, with male pattern baldness. I already uttered what I shouldn’t have said when I realized he was there. He was working on his lunch halfway, then slowly looked up at me – like he had been slapped by his own biological father – and just stared blankly at me.

I think I had hurt that guy’s feelings. Fuck me.

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4 Comments to “I hurt someone’s feelings”

  1. chichicha says:

    That’s pretty normal, you were not the first time to be dickhead. Anyway, you are not alone….

  2. Ah beng says:

    Ooops~ you did it again~ hehe! he should try this Yunnan hair therapy or something..

  3. jusoh says:

    same thing happened to me last time, and also about bald guy…

  4. Nicevil says:

    Oh no Michael you hurt his peelings, rightt. You were probably laughing your ass off afterwards. I sure am. LOL.

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