April 18, 2011

Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island, the tropical paradise. Heard of that many times. Never got the chance to visit it… until last weekend. It was a big stinking shithole. Would never go there ever again.

But I have to admit, the first impression at the marina (Marina Island – the place where my family and I boarded a ferry to Pangkor) was pretty good. It looked like an airport complete with landscaping and stuff. It even has an electronic ticketing system, where you don’t get to see middle aged creepy Malay blokes with strong B.O. going around asking for your ticket (like many places in Malaysia). I was like “Wow, this is impressive!”. The ferry ride was also quite pleasant. But that’s about the point where it ended.

Once we got to the other side (i.e. Pangkor Island), shit just went down 7 classes and negative 4 stars. It was like walking through a portal from a world class airport into a Mogadishu pirates’ fishing village. Filthy, worn out and fucked up. The whole place also reeked of dead animals – must be the fishes. And then, once we’re out of the fucked up jetty complex, we were swamped by a group of thuggish looking taxi drivers offering their services. I don’t know if it’s just me but, I felt intimidated by this… and felt strongly so much more after got up into their van-taxis. (total junk, no air conditioner, spewing black smoke – which is ironic about the claim of going there to whiff some fresh air).

So what about the place? It’s like a retarded version of Langkawi. But Langkawi is so much better because it has got cheap ass booze (otherwise, still suck as a resort place). But Pangkor, there’s nothing there – just some ridiculously narrow roads, giant landfill, expensive food and contaminated sea. I’ve heard people claiming it to be a world class resort, but that’s definitely a bullshit. World class for houseflies perhaps….

There’s another resort nearby – ‘Pangkor Laut’ – which I heard from some pesky housewives, is a secret hideaway for Brad Pitt and the chick who starred in ‘The Eye’ (hence the spillover claim of being world fucking class). But for a few grands a night, that better be fucking out-of-this-world awesome, but I seriously doubt it’d be just by being so near this big stinking shithole. Overall, it’s just an utter waste of time and money being at that few degrees on the surface of our planet.

If you’re planning for Pangkor, better fuck that plan. Go somewhere better instead – like Redang or something (but don’t come to Penang, we’ve got enough traffic already).

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8 Comments to “Pangkor Island”

  1. ShaolinTiger says:

    Yah Pangkor is just basically a rubbish dump, it’s only worth going to Pangkor Laut – but it’s kidney selling expensive.

  2. chichicha says:

    Poor Mic, can’t believe you finally discovered this holy fucking shit zombie resort in 21st Century. You should have come to whiff some fresh air 30 years ago. Water there now like KL longkang….Redang would one day be end up with same fate. Yeah, Pangkor Laut is expensive cos you’re paying for the oasis among desert.

  3. jusoh says:

    Redang is good but Lang Tengah (very near to Redang) even better, more beautiful not that polluted/commercialized as Redang!!!

  4. mott says:

    ayo…. next time, consider international – thai – koh samui/indo – bali..it’s the same price!!! I remember going to Pangkor Laut as a kid..it was really cheap then. Guess they’ve learnt how to exploit the situation.

  5. Nurseliew says:

    Hilarious piece…. Wanna buy you a cold one when I m back in penang. Cheers!

  6. Yeah, Penang is already so congested. A public holiday is enough to stop time on the roads and prolong sightseeing for eternity.

  7. Deedee says:

    Pangkor Laut Island is way better than the main Pangkor Island itself. It’s one resort in the whole Island. Ive been there and was quite impress with the place especially the rooms.. Absolutely beautiful… The sea is not blue but its also not dirty.. nice pool, good food and restaurants, a bit pricy though. so give that one a try if you are willing or else go overseas ;)

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