April 14, 2011

what had he done

Isn’t it sad when you don’t have eyebrows? It is no doubt that despite not having a technical function, our eyebrows actually play an important part in our facial expression. It’s not like we’re totally not able to express ourselves without eyebrows but, it’s just that we’re not able to do it that well. Think of it like, a home theater without an amplifier. It would just suck to the core.

There is an engineer in my workplace who has no eyebrows. Not a single strand of hair. And that kind of makes him look a little bit awkward because it kind of gives an impression that he’s surprised all the time. I felt really bad for that guy. If one’s bald, at least the guy can do a comb-over, put on a wig or at least a fucking toupee or something. But without eyebrows, you’re like, permanently fucked. You can probably tattoo or draw some fake eyebrows to offset the handicap, but that’s going to make you look queerish, which – depending on where you live – can be a mistake worst than death.

So, I guess I’m going to have to cut that poor fucker some slack by scolding him less. The guy without eyebrows. God… what had he done to deserve that.

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4 Comments to “what had he done”

  1. Nicevil says:

    Curious, is he overweight?

    Not everyone who is fat has thyroid problems, but thyroid problems typically lead to weight gain, and one of the hallmark symptoms of untreated hypothyroidism is loss of the outer third of the eyebrows. Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune disorder) is the most common cause of hypothyroidism, but most docs don’t test for it. And with Hashi’s, the TSH level (which is usually the only test docs DO run) often looks normal, so the diagnosis gets missed for *years*. By then, the eyebrows are gone.

    Goddamnit Michael. This shit aint right. U should contemplate helping the poor guy out by throwing some Rogaine at his face. Or maybe if you’re feeling generous, being the great engineer that you are I’m sure with some superglue u could perform an eyebrow implant with hairs from his belly. Godspeed, Michael. Godspeed.

  2. michaelooi says:

    Dude, engineers don’t do implants. Unless you’re talking about a pair of LED eyebrows that flashes fail code sequence based on his heart rate.

    And btw, that guy is as skinny as fuck.

  3. ck says:

    It called chemo, you heartless bastards.

  4. evil_gal says:

    it’s even weirder that he doesn’t do anything abt it.

    i know ppl with autoimmune disorder and am one myself, but technology today helps a lot. he could’ve go for eyebrows embroidery (it looks like real eyebrows [not too queerish] unless he’s bald and acting queer/pussy-homo like).

    walking around without eyebrows when there’s solution to it is just plain creepy (and gives the idea of him having a somewhat low intelligence level). and if he’s doing tht to get pity, he sure doesnt deserve mine.

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