April 12, 2011

wrong calling

A girl operator, who’s a friend of a QA inspector in my department, wanted to ask me if she could apply for a job opening that we have. But the thing is, it wasn’t me who was calling the shots on the hiring so, she was in for a little bit of unlucky that day…

Operator: “Michael, I was wondering if it is ok for me to apply for the QA inspector position in your department…”

Me: “I don’t know, why? Aren’t you happy with your job?”

Operator: “I was previously a QA inspector, I don’t like working as an operator here.”

Me: “But you aren’t impressive even as an operator…”

Operator: “Oh, but I can work long hours etc. and I have experiences in X-factory et al.”

She became quite serious after that.

Me: “Ok ok, the truth is, I’m not the one who’s hiring. I’m just fucking with you. But if it were to be me, I probably won’t give a crap if you’re really good. I’d just pick the prettiest candidate. Simple.”

Operator: “Prettiest candidate??”

Me: “Yeah. And from what I observed about you, if I have to accept your application with the shortcomings, you’d need to probably compensate with a lot of things like, washing the whole departments’ engineers’ cars, walk their dogs, mow their lawns, work extra long hours without OT, etc.”

Operator: *dumbfucked*

That’s my way of telling her that she’s shit fucking ugly without spelling out the words. She didn’t bother me again after that.

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3 Comments to “wrong calling”

  1. chichicha says:

    You’re such a dickhead Mic…you took her round the garden to fuck her off, I like it….

  2. sulo says:

    What big ego you have. Still stuck in the same company? ‘Grats. You are where you belong.

  3. Rojakgal says:

    I would set your car and your hair on fire if i were her. LOL..

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