April 5, 2011

the shit that people believe…

Just the other day, a relative of mine related about a certain ‘miracle’ product which purportedly would psychologically affect one to become a more positive person. And the product comes in the form of an audio CD – a compilation of various sounds which was to be played during the bedtime.

So in their frantic bid to make their kids smarter, that relative set up a centralized sound system in all their bedrooms, so that they could broadcast the content of the miracle CD at night during their bedtime.

Bad idea.

I was visiting the other day and had to spend a night in one of their guest rooms. Guess what? The weird motherfucking sounds (mixture of whales calling, waves splashing and gaudy gypsy melodies) woke me up no less than a dozen times that night and gave me nightmares! I forgot what I actually dreamed about but, I remember waking up to the sounds thinking some asshole’s cellphone went off and wanted to beat the crap out of that fucker – which ironically, didn’t seem that ‘positive’ to me at all.

The shit that people believe… No wonder there are so many fucked up kids nowadays.

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8 Comments to “the shit that people believe…”

  1. kohping says:

    That’s exactly the ‘ melody ‘ the building management played for our office’s toilet . Kinda spooky.

  2. MT says:

    Hahaha… You should check out some of those discount coupon websites to see more of such shite… I saw one the other day about some kind of body stocking that has “One of a kind bio nano activated particles from Brazil” that can “Liquify fat and redistribute it to other parts of the body, thus giving an hourglass figure”… O.o

    Thing is, there were about 15+ dumbasses who bought it… :/

  3. ahsiang says:

    pity the kids

  4. Z says:

    Somehow, I actually think it’s working, it the sense that you’re a realist(negative in some levels). Hence, you’re feeling the “conversion effects” which indirectly interrupts your sleeping patterns. Haha :)

    Jokes aside, it’s probably some “placebo” effect like doctors prescribing sugar pills to their patients. Perhaps you can sell your own “positive reinforcement tape” consisting of dog barkings, car honking and moaning sounds.

  5. michaelooi says:

    Z – Exactly what I think it is – a placebo. It won’t make a difference whether you listen to a bunch of senseless sound or Metallica. If you believe it’s good, it’s likely going to have an effect.

  6. tyra says:

    agreed…it’s all down to your subconcious mind…

  7. melvin says:

    reading this blog makes me feel smarter,LOL… placebo much

  8. lex says:

    worked for me (didnt buy, downloaded). but i dont do the annoying speaker thing, i just listen quietly with my earphones. my colleagues say im bonkers though.

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