March 31, 2011


I wrote about a certain person called Nosferatu in Company Y some time ago. The ugly as shit fetishist who gives everyone a hard time. There’s one thing that I forgot to mention about him – he’s a bachelor. Now, if you don’t already know about old people who’s still a bachelor – they’re known to be uber fucked up. If it’s an old bachelor woman, it will be like dealing directly with the devil. But let’s not talk about that.

Nosferatu, the fetishist who’s a bachelor. Just the other day, I was in a brainstorming session in the middle of the production line to solve a complex engineering escalation, the group kinda took a short detour off the topic to brainstorm about what is it that makes Nosferatu so damn fucked up. That was when the topic of him being an old bachelor douche came up. One of his chief engineers then said :

“People like him could never understand the grave situation when our kids are sick.”

True but, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. An old man who’s a bachelor, would have plenty of time to think about how to make things difficult for his employees, whilst people like you and me would be too busy interacting at home with our family to even think proper about what to do next at work. If the bachelor have an old mother living with him, then he’s going to be even worst. He’s going to be psychologically disturbed with all the years of stress-nagging. And the guy’s most likely sexually deprived too. Lack of love. There’s only so much masturbating could do for that fucker and he’s going to take it all out on whoever he chooses to dislike. People like his employees. Lack of love, full of nagging, plenty of time – it’s a concoction of all it takes to make one go loco, if not become a schizo.

I felt compelled to dole out some advice to the engineer, so I did it – “Dude, next time your kid’s sick, just tell him your car had a busted radiator. He probably would be more empathetic to that reason…”

Or just buy him a Vietnamese wife.

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2 Comments to “‘bacheratu’”

  1. failer says:

    I believe the correct word for ‘old bachelor woman’ is spinster.

  2. ahsiang says:

    Just tell him your n-sync CD is broken, need to fix it lo. :P

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