March 28, 2011

who the fuck cares?

I’ve had enough of this Anwar Ibrahim shit. I’m sick of seeing/hearing his name and the word ‘sex’ in the same sentence.
I don’t fucking understand why are there so many people so concerned about his private stuff.

Let me ask you this, which one of these would you choose to be your leader?

A) A virtuous vegetarian celibate who has never had a sexual experience before and an ardent supporter of Earth Hour – but totally suck at being a leader…

B) A womanizer who has fucked everything that moved before (except motorized vehicles) – but is totally awesome at being a leader…

I’m not implying that Anwar’s a good leader but I’m just trying to make this point – WHO THE FUCK CARES WHO/WHAT A STINKING POLITICIAN LIKES OR HOW HE LIKES IT?

We’ve heard conflicting accusations about him being gay and now being a whore hound. So what the fuck now? What has that got to do with anything??

Malaysian politics is just fucking sad.

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8 Comments to “who the fuck cares?”

  1. ahsiang says:

    M’sia politic is a joke, a sad joke with lots of JOKERS!

  2. ah beng says:

    yup, they just want to kill off opposition parties. period. no one is good enough other than them. they are our savior, our one and only hope.

    they have just ran out of ideas. they are fucking him up with the same reason. so having done all these then not fit to be a leader? so whats Uncle Chua doing in MCA???? PRESIDENT SOMEMORE! can lead us chinese better?

  3. HH says:

    Next up… Anwar with goats!

  4. sam says:

    ya, who fuck care,is his private stuff.those politician really asshole and whore.

    ah…what ever,let them kill each others

  5. michaelooi says:

    HH – ahah that’s a good one

  6. KC says:

    Mike I think you’re right, there’s a parable in Islamic teaching, that you’re suppose to choose a capable leader even if he’s not religiously inclined as compared to an incompetent religious devout.

  7. Abba says:

    Just when you thought Malaysian politics could sink no lower……

  8. I agree with Ah Beng, what’s to say about Chua Soi Lek?

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