March 2, 2011


Ever heard of people saying – ‘Be a man’ or ‘Do you have the balls?’

As you can clearly tell, these are often associated to men. It’s all linked to being virile and stuff. The testosterone. But do you guys also realize, that these phrases are often directed to men only? Why ask a man to ‘be a man’ when he’s already a man? Doesn’t that sound just strange to you?

Ahaaaa my friends, that’s because, a lot of men are not ‘a real man’. They’re phonies. Just like my boss, Christopher.

That balless son of a bitch is not a man. He is created from the ribs of a flightless avian.

How did I find out? Well, he once threw his tantrum at me about something that was very trivial and castigated me for being a chicken shit for not confronting a level 10 manager for that unimportant matter. But when I dared him to invite the level 10 manager into the showdown right at that very moment (the level 10 manager was sitting just at the next room) – he chickened out, asked me to ‘follow up’ myself.

That’s like, a general pushing his horse to confront the enemy. What the fuck.

I eventually called for a meeting to resolve that ‘miniscule’ matter nevertheless, but quite opposite from how he behaved before, he spoke suavely like a chicken shit when confronting the team of people (I was expecting more from him). And that wasn’t even the level 10 manager himself. It was a lower ranking loser representative and in the end, the matter didn’t get resolved. Pffffhhh

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10 Comments to “balless”

  1. sweewon says:

    Aahhh, bosses.

  2. jackson-tan says:

    Michael, I’m sure you know that’s how the corporate world works right?

    The boss screw the subordinate and subordinate lick the boss’s ass.

    Your boss is showing you how it’s done properly.

    Face the reality, it’s the same everywhere unless you wish to be your own boss.

    Tah kong life is like that one ler.

  3. feizal says:

    Dude.. Wassup will u and fuktup bosses..go mandi bunga

  4. 2Damage says:

    The name Christopher remind me of someone in Company X. We used to call him “Ah Pong Shin”. Ah Pong shin is a phonies.

  5. ahsiang says:

    how long you would stay at this current job? I remember you wrote about reason people leaving job.

  6. michaelooi says:

    ahsiang – I’m like a ticking time bomb. I’m so fucking sick of working right now.

  7. einsamsoldat says:

    A man gotta do what a man gotta do…

  8. Eric says:

    Bro, Jackson et al is saying it as it is – most of us are ‘salaried men’ and after years in the game, we can’t expect bosses to be nice guys mah. If indeed there is any, it’s a bloody bonus. Otherwise, gotta bite d bullet. I’m not saying go lick boss’ balls but gotta be savvy lor. Your boss d Chris fella is probably threatened by u leh.

    Are we seeing the beginning of the end of your stint in Company Y?

  9. michaelooi says:

    Well I guess that’s what makes me different from most of you…

    I don’t take shit from nobody.

  10. iamyuanwu says:

    How about instead of quitting like a sissy (because of 1 idiot)…
    you stick around longer, learn to manage/manipulate your boss, show his boss that you are better than your boss, and let Chris take shit from you instead. =D

    …unless his boss is also not a real man. Then, err… good luck.

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