February 22, 2011

school means headache

My daughter is about to register for her primary education soon. I can’t help but notice, how fast the time has passed by. So fast that it actually scares the crap out of me. I mean, it wasn’t really that long ago when I was still romping around with my slightly insane friends, and met my wife after that. And now it’s time for my daughter to register for her primary education *nganga*

And I am shuddering at the thought of having to adjust/arrange my schedule to accommodate my daughter’s welfare of having a school life. It used to be so easy when I was a kid, but not anymore. Everything’s so damn different now, and so damn complex.

When I was a kid, my mom would just accompany me to the school for the first time, and that’s about it. I can remember vividly, how my mom grabbed me tight at my arms, looked at me straight in the eyes, shook me violently while saying “Remember! Look for the little blue bus! If you miss the bus, you don’t come home to me. You walk to the goddamn school!”. I was only 7 and the message was pretty damn clear – look out for the small blue bus with funny headlights (some old models from the 50’s), or walk to the school, which was located 7 – 8 kilometers away (I actually kinda achieved that feat a couple years after that…). I was like a maintenance free battery. My mom would give me 20 cents (my daily pocket money), and I would go about by myself the whole day without a problem. I hauled my own fucking school bag, and I didn’t need no tuition. Period.

What about now? I don’t know how that kind of arrangement’s even possible now. I know my daughter. She’d require a lot of attention from us. Even if she doesn’t, we’ll still be obligated to provide her an overwhelming level of attention. My wife’s already talking about some ‘after school care’ now, which I reckon costs enough to pay for the installment of a small family car. Sooner or later, it’s going to be cellphone because it is so fucking unsafe out there. And then the taekwondo lesson I’ve been wanting her to learn – that’s for her to whoop back if anyone wants to bully her. Piano. Something something. So many more. All these will become part of our lives, which we haven’t got much left… *shakes head*

Now why can’t schools provide package deals like fast food restaurants? Transport, study and care – all in one combo package. I’ll pay. It’ll be so much easier for most of us.

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6 Comments to “school means headache”

  1. Quinn says:

    I agree. I absolutely agree!

  2. littleComma says:

    wow, time flies indeed. it’s worse if you intend to enroll her in chinese education. the waiting list is longer than your weekly market list.

    btw, i have a reminder set in my hp that today’s animal’s day. wondering where i got that from, i googled and i found http://www.michaelooi.net/2004/02/24/animals-day/. hhahah .. ! happy animal’s day and did u kiss a cat today?

  3. michaelooi says:

    Wow that was like, 7 years ago! Ok I’ll kiss a cat today

  4. auyongtc says:

    Regine : Daddy, why are there scars on your cheek today?
    Michael: Oh, I got that from trying to kiss a pussycat…
    Emily : Hrmpppph!

  5. mott says:

    Yea..I used to take care of myself. Latchkey kid.

    So much freedom… hated it when my mom was on leave. Hahahahahahahahahah

  6. einsamsoldat says:

    wait till your kid hits 14, there is where the real headache comes in. Let see who is caller. hmmmm… and setting up home internet proxies.

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