February 7, 2011

hell drivers

In a recent gathering with some relatives, I brought up a topic of wanting to buy a motorcycle. That was when a relative from KL exclaimed,

KL Relative : “But it’s so dangerous! Especially in Penang where the drivers are so horrible!”

Yeah well, fuck me stupid but I would be lying if I say I was unaffected by that stereotyping of Penang drivers. I’ve heard it a million times, that people from Penang are drivers from hell. But hey, I’m not denying that, it’s just that it was so damn fucking wrong to hear that coming from drivers who hail from the deeper part of hell. Of course, I had to counter that…

Me : “I’m sorry but, I think KL drivers are worse. KL drivers like to drive on emergency lanes. Total assholes. That alone takes the cake.”

It’s true. I have seen KL drivers in action for many times before. Besides driving speeding on emergency lanes, they also like to perform illegal u-turns. That’s because the roads in KL are so bloody confusing, that they themselves do not know how to get from point A to B. And also, if you ask them to give way to another vehicle – never mind who has the right of way – it will be akin to spitting at their mother’s face, or worse. So, how can a bunch of emergency lane speeding, illegal u-turning, selfish and cynical city rats label us Penang drivers as worse than them?

It will be like Elton John calling anyone gay.

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16 Comments to “hell drivers”

  1. cindy says:

    good one….

  2. xes says:

    Not to mention double parking and refusing to remove car until honk reaches 100 decibels!

  3. feizal says:

    I think i’ve thoroughly experienced both regions bro… There’s no ranking.. both are equally gay

  4. Arkane says:

    Totally agree ! Speaking from personal experience. Sokong 200%

  5. adrian says:

    you’re probably right.. the bigger the city, the more complicated it gets, even with traffic and driver behaviour.

    on the point of buying a motorcycle, please get one that is fast and handles well, so that no crazy driver can get to you.. you’re always ahead of them! ;)

  6. ahsiang says:

    Most of the roads in Penang are just too narrow, no emergency lane for Penang drivers to speed. :P

  7. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Ya agree.

    We can survive in almost anywhere, except JB cos JB people are totally fucked up.

  8. ah seng says:

    get your bike bro, I have already got mine :)

  9. 2Damage says:

    I agreed with Yee Hou. Those JB drivers are totally fucked up !!! They like to stop their vehicles at the entrance or exit and blocked way. Last time, I saw a KiasuIsland guy bashed and beat up the driver because his car blocked the road in front of my apartment.

  10. michaelooi says:

    I don’t know about their driving skills but, JB is more famous for being ghetto. It has the highest concentration of ah bengs and gangsters in the peninsula.

  11. lex says:

    i’m a bike riding woman in kl
    get a bike you wuss :D

  12. Tan Yee Hou says:

    It also helps that JB people are nice to poke fun of : )

  13. KLite-4wheeler says:

    lived in Png fr 10 yrs, but most of my life in KL, so i can assure you that riding a bike in Png is safer than KL. esp on major 3-lane rds in the city like jln tun razak & etc, our glorious motorcyclists have claimed the lane separators as bike lanes, thus switching lanes can be a nightmare at times. Not only does one have to watch out for cars, but also the speeding bikers in between whom will constantly be honking away to prevent you from making a lane switch. over the years ive learned to ignore them, and if i were to ever knock down a motorcyclist in kl, i will just run them over and make donno. so yes, KL is more dangerous for a motorcyclist ;)

  14. Jase says:

    We seem to have a fair share of outstation people cramming our already small road. One of the worse ones are those from Perak. They drive their car without any care in the world while we’re driving to work during rush hour. Second…. have you seen a tudung Malay girl driving around? It’s like they are wrapped in their little own world while they change lane without noticing anything.

  15. ShaolinTiger says:

    Sorry but being from UK where we drive perfectly, Penang drivers are much worse than KL drivers. KL drivers are fast and aggressive but they don’t drift in between lanes, make 5 lanes out of 3 lanes and generally drive in criss-cross patterns terribly slowly. Penang drivers are slow and dangerous, KL drivers are just assholes, JB drivers are fast and dangerous.

    But yah JB tops them all as the 7th level of hell when it comes to terrible driving.

  16. Parrot says:

    While I can’t totally agree drivers in the Klang Valley raving lunatics, I can attest that they are generally selfish assholes. Just last Friday I decided to count the number of four-wheelers that drove along the emergency lane to cheat their way through a traffic jam. 32 in around 20 minutes.

    I would had taken public transport in fear, but I’m driving due to disgust towards public transport.

    P.S. My father is a lawyer who has been riding underbones since his banking years in his 20s. If he can survive the roads of the Klang Valley, surely you can in Penang.

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