January 16, 2011

the beginning of my daughter’s sad week

My wife Emily was called to an overseas business trip for a week and departed the country 2 days ago. To many people, this would seem like an ordinary thing, but to my 4.5 year old daughter Regine, this means that for the first time ever in her life, she never gets to sleep beside her mother and never gets to see her for more than a day. That’s like me losing the lower half of my torso and both my arms.

I thought I could handle this task of taking care of my daughter, taking a cue to improve our bond in the process. But after just barely 2 days of being with her, I realized that I am no substitute of a mother’s love. My daughter’s not the same like when Emily’s around. She’s trying to act normal, but I know she’s just trying. When she thinks I am not around, she’d talk to my wife’s photo and kiss her belongings. Occasionally, I’d see a rogue tear or two rolling down her cheeks, but she wouldn’t cry because I had told her people her age are badasses and do not cry. It makes me just so sad seeing her like this. This whole business of having a kid, it’s really not for amateurs. I’m emotionally stretched to the limit here.

Had to bring her to the park, to take her mind off things.

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13 Comments to “the beginning of my daughter’s sad week”

  1. wai says:

    maybe a nice gift from your wife upon returning would cheer her up and make up for it?

    p/s: no books pls..

  2. Lily says:

    “When she thinks I am not around, she’d talk to my wife’s photo and kiss her belongings” — melts my heart. She’s such a sweet child.

  3. azlin says:

    i finally understood this saying after i became a parent “parenting is not for cowards.”

    it’s bloody hard especially if we want to do it right and raise the kids ourselves (instead of the maid)

  4. mott says:

    Aww..that’s sweet. Let her go through the motions of missing her mom. At least, when she gets back, she’ll most def. appreciate her.

    Yea..hope mummy gets her lots of clothes, stickers, and stationery. Kids are so bribeable. *runs off*

  5. auyongtc says:

    Ask Emily to get her something meaningful from her trip location. It doesn’t have to be a toy, it could be as simple as a postcard. Have Regine collect these token items from each time Emily had to go away. Soon, she’ll have a very positive outlook about her mom being away on biz as she’ll get to collect more souvenirs. And that she can feel proud of it :)

  6. ahsiang says:

    Being father is not easy. Especially if the kid is more attach to the mother. This also shows that you need to be more closer to your daughter, take your time.

  7. cindy says:

    Keep up the hard work…. raising a kid ain’t easy.

  8. Wilson says:

    aw….she’s so cute.
    it makes me feel sad when I read “she’d talk to my wife’s photo and kiss her belongings.” a mother love are mighty.

  9. Merry says:

    “Badasses … do not cry”, they blog. Have you considered encouraging Regine to vent out through writing? A letter to Mum? An entry in a diary?

  10. ah seng says:

    was there last sat morning, you were there?

  11. michaelooi says:

    I was there Sunday afternoon

  12. Wilson Choo says:

    kesian your daughter… I think by now her mom should be back… :-)

  13. Um… I usually bring my two girls to Toys r Us and after 10 minutes, they even forget who I am, until it was time to pay for stuff…..

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