December 22, 2010

long time no trolls

Someone posted this in my ‘food list’ entry…

Tai Koh
December 22, 2010 at 1:41 pm
Mr Sixty Minutes, may I suggest that you try not to be a smart Alex but giving directions using Lon & Lat as the angular distance of the earth coz you are not a qualified Astronomer, RF or even NASA practitioner. You are merely talking to mostly laymen on your site and try to project your thoughts to them using simple English words…..KISS (Keep it Simple & Sweet or Keep it Simple Stupid). Dont act smart coz to me you are not qualified. For example, just tell them one of the best “Sup Torpedo” is fronting Hotel Malaysia instead of N….E.
Even Bubble (MJ ex monkey) is smarter and can do better than you Looi!! I can spot few like you(but smarter) at Botanical Garden or along the back lane of Bukit Bintang . Take my advice, attend a charm school in the evening. Bring along a few sticks of fried chicken legs fried by Madam Looi.

Here’s my courteous reply to the troll,

December 22, 2010 at 6:15 pm
Tai Koh
One – It’s 62%, not Sixty Minutes.
Two – It’s ‘Smart Alec’, not smart alex. Term does not even apply here.
Three – MJ’s pet’s name is Bubbles, not Bubble. Notice the ‘s’ you fucking dumbass.
Four – Those are common GPS coordinates, if you don’t know anything about it, shut the fuck up.
Five – My surname’s Ooi, not Looi you retard.
Six – Fuck you for being so stupid.

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18 Comments to “long time no trolls”

  1. kumar says:

    At least the bugger spelt ‘smart’ correctly, gotta give him some credit there.. :p

  2. Arkane says:

    Wow, a whole post dedicated to a single fan of yours. Can you dedicate one for me too ?

  3. jusoh says:

    This guy should be one of the frogs under coconut shell since he couldn’t think of what the long/lat coordinate is for.

  4. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Long time no troll cos you haven’t been blogging evil things sniff.

    Need more of that angsty 2006 Michael hehee.

  5. michaelooi says:

    No time to be angsty. Tough new job, even tougher boss.

  6. ShaolinTiger says:

    So he thinks your name is Michae Looi – interesting. He should go buy a Garmin, really.

  7. cLiu says:

    wow…is this the harshest comment u ever get?

  8. Ann says:

    Padan muka dia!!! Want to blast ppl should do homework first!

  9. reader says:

    Way to go Mike !! Taruh him betul betul. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen. Guess he must be another ass sniffing macaque which can’t even differentiate between a banana and a peanut. And i think his name must be bubbles, too. He he….

  10. CodyWanks says:

    Most likely a product of the chinese vernacular education system. He should be put out of his misery. Fucking retard doesn’t deserve to grace god’s green earth.

  11. tbo says:

    What a retard. I doubt he’s even used GPS before. Coordinates = best way to get around inaccurate/outdated maps.

  12. mumblebumble says:

    ohmigod reading his comment really cracked me up! I’m one of the sad GPS-device-less souls but even i know about entering coordinates into a GPS for the most accurate results. his patronizing remarks make him look uber stupid. Haiyohhh.

  13. mott says:

    yay for troll-tards!!!

    what a cheer-me-up post!

  14. KC says:

    Give it to him kaw-kaw!
    Your reply has more kick than sniffing wasabi!

  15. auyongtc says:

    Reporting for duty! Sorry for being late… too much Festivus partying.

    It doesn’t need a rocket scientist or the equivalent to be qualified to use geographical coordinates. However, give him credit for openly admitting that he’s just a simple layman. We all know that simple laymen like him don’t consider your qualifications to be valid, nor your site content to be of any valid use. Except to be used to troll you whenever their plastic balls feel the itch.

  16. tyra says:

    Aydoooi…is he for real?

  17. Xiaomi says:

    i really like your reply.. this is not the 1st time.. i wonder wat’s wrong with these ppl.. they give bad comments and yet still read your blogs.. guess they love and hate u at the same time… happy new year!!!

  18. woody says:

    haha, well written.


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