November 22, 2010

late night bullshit

I keep hearing people saying this recently –

One should not go home, if the boss is still in the office.

Makes my blood boil every time I hear that. It’s as ridiculous as saying that if your boss is gay, so must you.

To me, this is the same kind of hokum as those ‘if you don’t forward this to 20 people, your mom’s going to explode’ made up by those emo Jay Chou wannabe Chinese ed dillholes; who do not possess enough creativity/intelligence to find something entertaining enough for their turgid minds. Well, if they’re not doing that, they can most likely be found playing those dancing arcade machines or text messaging a roommate in the opposite corner of a room.

In a world according to me, if you have to stay back late in the office deliberately with your boss knowing, it does not mean you’re hardworking. It means you’re a cocksucker. You suck your boss’ cock to impress him. (cunnilingus if it’s a her). You also have a very low self esteem, because you do not believe you can be successful in your career (or whatever) without having to suck a dick. You’re a conscious loser, and through some brainwashing from your equally lost friends, you’re now a successful cocksucker.

Or, if you have to stay back late in the office WITHOUT your boss knowing, it could only mean 2 things – Either you’re too incompetent to get your given job done on time, or your workplace is grossly understaffed. Either one of these boils down to one unmistakable fact: your boss sucks donkey cock (for hiring a retard like you, or being a retard himself to not staff his department well). You should have left the job for a better one. If for some reason you’re still there working your late nights off, it means you must be one of those emo Jay Chou wannabe Chinese ed dillholes.

So think about it and go home to your family.

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12 Comments to “late night bullshit”

  1. Ryan says:

    You will be surprised how many people work very late everyday to “show” that they are working.

    And the sad thing is most bosses like it that way.

    I don’t give a damn and I always leave at 530pm unless there is an urgent job that needs to be done on that day itself.

  2. einsamsoldat says:

    Go home when work is done for the day for work is neverending. Staying long time in office without producing results are purely ineffecient, ineffective and incompetent staffs.

  3. MT says:

    Absolutely SPOT ON! That is among the stupidest fucking things that people say/ do in a working environment! They would rather stay back and arse about on the net until the boss leaves, just to show they are “hardworking”, than to actually be hardworking, finish on time and leave…

  4. ahsiang says:

    yes, should go back on 5.30pm! Else you will have the mind set to do the job at later of the day and end up work late everyday.
    I only stay back only if there is any really really really really urgent task that need to be complete on that day, else sorry boss, tomorrow can r?

  5. vincent says:

    Another thing young graduates like saying in interviews: “I am willing to work long hours”

    They somehow think they get brownie points saying that.

  6. I don’t believe in working late… my philosophy is “Bang! Bang! Get the job done and get the f*ck out and have fun”…

    Life’s short, ya know…

  7. Dangerous Variable says:

    I go home on the dot…. If I come early, I leave early. Getting paid for 7.5 hours a day without overtime is bad enough.

    Staying back just to gosok kilat kilat the boss’ balls is bonkers. Fuck those fuckers who stay back late… no life bastards!

  8. michaelooi says:

    It seems to be a criteria nowadays to get hired – staying back late doing non value added crap. I weep for humanity man…

  9. sweewon says:

    I did my Master in Korea, and believe me, most research centers practice this culture. “Come before the Prof comes, leave after the Prof leaves”. It was one of the cultural shocks I had. But I eventually was exempted because I am (ahem) a foreigner.

  10. frankie says:

    If you are not happy going to work or happy in your working environment, get the fuck out of there, why waste your whatever left in your life to work in a place that cause you so much unhappiness.

  11. Kath says:

    I’m working in the US now and during the interview, the VP asked me – “Are you willing to stay late when necessary?”. I think the reason he asked that is, maybe ppl here are less willing to slog compared to ppl in Asia.
    Bottomline is – if you absolutely need to stay late, then by all means Yes, stay until the whatever needs to get done is done. But if not, staying late proves nothing. Wasting company resources nia.

  12. kohping says:

    in the place i work, i work late to avoid the jam.. to make up to that, i come in late too.. work the math, 45-60min drive for 4km journey if i work at the same time like everyone else

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