November 15, 2010

what’s wrong with you kids?

How many of you here (reading this) are below 20 years old?

If you are below 20, may I ask you one thing – what the fuck’s wrong with you?

If you do not know what I’m talking about, check your phone bill. Yes, I am talking about the shitload of text messages you send every fucking awakening minute of your life. Why can’t you just breathe and live like any normal human being? Just show some sign of life and react to your surrounding? But no, you have to glue yourself to your cellphone and hammer away the keys messaging your stupid girlfriend/boyfriend/friends like the world’s gonna end if you don’t do it.

I have seen some of the kids in my family, who used to be nice and stuff, only to grow up to become one of these mindless zombies. Text messaging at the rate of a nuclear powered toy rabbit’s hump rate per second. I only text about less than 200 messages per month, these kids could easily hit that quota within a day. What is so important about their lives that they need to be messaging each other so damn frigging often? Things that I don’t understand.

Man I’m gonna so fucking cut their angpow money this coming Chinese New Year.

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20 Comments to “what’s wrong with you kids?”

  1. Tan Yee Hou says:

    I’ll be getting a crackberry soon, but I vow I would not be staring into the screen during any social functions.

    Kids have bad social skills nowadays.

  2. cindy says:

    well, even if these kids doesn’t have any common friends on BB or any network at all…. they would end up adding lotsa fucking stranger. i wonder why. Im only 24… but somehow never once the idea of getting an iphone/bb/smartphone enters my mind. these kids just wanted to be ‘one of them’ so that they could be called ‘in’ (term used excessively by kids nowadays)..LOL!!

  3. iamyuanwu says:

    Irritating as fxck when I’m spending time with some one and he/she keeps returning SMS, and texting his friends.

    If you have to do it, at least walk away… so that I can dig my nose in peace.

  4. Max says:

    I’m under 20, but I don’t text like you claim O.o, in fact i kindda anti-text messaging. Wanna chat, call straight, finish matter asap. I also anti facebook and only log like….2 x a month. Not to say anti-social altogether, but text messaging a lot is not for me. So not all below 20 are like that.

    But hell ya alot of them are like what you said.

  5. ShaolinTiger says:

    I probably send about 5 SMS per month..what with Twitter, Facebook, Pushmail, PingChat, Whatsapp..who needs SMS!

  6. Z says:

    Crackberry to crackberry = free
    Isucky to Isucky = free

    If you have it, use it? -.^

  7. michaelooi says:

    Z – So is talking. Talking is free. But why don’t they talk all the time? (they won’t talk or communicate much when their friends are around, but would text message when apart, strange.)

  8. doc says:

    Talk kenot use emoticons, mar. Yd^-^bY

  9. MT says:

    The worst example of that that I saw was one of those times I was in Starbucks. These 2 nerds were sitting opposite each other. Both had their laptops out and were furiously messaging… each other! Had to open MSN and chat just to decide where to go have dinner! Once they had decided, the laptops were closed and put into their bags, and the 2 nerds just got up and left together without saying a word to each other!

    I fear for the world in the future…. :|

  10. fool says:

    i’m 30 and i send around 3 sms per month. probably 5 max. i’m either too old to sms or i have no friends. i prefer calling.

  11. Caroline says:

    These kids need to disconnect to connect with real communication.

  12. ahsiang says:

    200 sms per month? that is 6 to 7 sms per day, that is a lot to me!
    I sms the most is 3 per day, the rest of the time I just call.
    Also I hate that my company internal Office Communicator, why not people just email if not urgent or pick up the damn phone if urgent!?!?!

  13. feizal says:

    I’m with ST on this one! Haha

  14. Leon says:

    Maybe they just like feeling connected to their network of friends. Just to seem popular and having lots of friends, they show off with their new technology and their busy busy skills at texting. As for why they don’t talk when they’re together, I suppose ts because kids these days don’t spend as much time outside socializing, interacting with other humans. All the computer time trains them to type in chatrooms than talk.

  15. michaelooi says:

    Yeah, I text about 100 – 200 messages per month. Most to my wife, to coordinate who to pick up Regine, household stuff, etc. On some nights, I also text my buddies to coordinate drinking events. 6 – 7 messages a day is normal.

  16. mott says:

    ayo..u shud go sit in a public transport. Everyone is GLUED to their stuffs..

    it’s quite zombielike..


  17. Shar says:

    I only sms people when they are far away (like in a bloody different state or country). And even then I hate it because it’s so hard to convey things in 160 characters. I also hate the shorthand they use, some are okay but some are beyond ridiculous. I once receive something like this: C ya l8rs @ d rez, m on d way xn’t tok.

    People here sms more than calling because it’s bloody damn expensive even then I text probably the average of 1-2 a day

  18. sweewon says:

    Couldn’t agree more. I am in SG. Whenever I take the MRT, 90% of the commuters are doing something with their phones or laptops. People don’t feel right without their gadgets now. It’s like they don’t know what to do with themselves if they are not texting or watching online movie or listening to music or browsing the internet. Oh yes and I hate the shorthand too.

  19. 20th KID says:

    currently 20 n i hate sms-ing
    so do ppl around me
    u shall change it to 15? or 16?

  20. Jase Lee says:

    Dude you’re so right. I can understand if kids are playing their PSP or Nintendo DS, but sitting around kept on SMSing endlessly is way beyond my understanding. If they want to communicate, just fucking call their friend, relay some communication banter and move on. What’s even worse is when they SMSing even when they are in the toilet.

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