October 21, 2010

comprehension fail

I received a phone call from an unknown number when I was in a meeting. I rejected the call with a text message:

In a meeting, who is this?

Guess what did the guy answer?

I would like to ask about housing loan.

Get this straight, I asked the guy who he is, and he answered me he wanted to ask me about ‘housing loan’. So I tried again with another text, this time, with a more direct message (coincidentally, I just had some mortgage stuff going on, and feared that the caller might be from the bank),

Who are you? Do I know you?

Again, the guy answered my text with something irrelevant

Is mr tan xxx xxxxx introduce u to me!coz i going to buy new house thus i want to know ur Hong Leong BLR rate

I wanted to answer him that the Hong Leong BLR rate equals to cheebye minus lancheow plus lamphar, but I changed my mind after giving a thought about him having my number and all. So I replied courteously.

You got the wrong number. I’m an engineer. Not a mortgage officer.

Man, what a fucking dumbass. This is fast becoming a disturbing trend – I’ve noticed that a lot of people nowadays do not seem to know how to answer a question straight. Ask yourself, how many times have you asked a co-worker or a fast food operator something, and that person goes on to elaborate about something that is totally irrelevant?

Q: “Do you have the roadmap for this project?”
Dumbass answer: “I already called a meeting with the client, bla bla bla, and I have gotten their agreement bla bla bla….” [goes on for the next 1.5 minutes without a confirmation]

The only possible valid answer for the question above is obviously either a ‘Yes’, or a ‘No’, and perhaps after that, specify where the hell is the roadmap, or why don’t you fucking have it yet. But many a times, people would just drift to another world with their stupid ass answer. This is just so annoying.

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6 Comments to “comprehension fail”

  1. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Got a similarly stupid one the other day.

    Phone rings “Hi I’m so-and-so from Eon Bank. Looking for [malay name]”

    me: I’m sorry, you got the wrong number.
    eon guy: “err, can i have his number?”
    took a few rounds before i got it into his head that he’s calling the wrong guy and i’m not a fucking phone directory.

  2. Ryan says:

    Get used to it. This is Malaysia. We are stupid.

  3. ahsiang says:

    That day I got a call from an insurance company and the fler just talk right away in Cantonese to me because he thought the whole world knows Cantonese just like the Hong Kong movies usually have American/European talking in Cantonese. :P

  4. Arkane says:

    Q: “Do you have the roadmap for this project?”
    A: NO = Career Suicide Move

  5. saintis says:

    i’m always annoyed with long winded answer for a straight question.

    So often did not get the straight answer the second / third / xxx time even after repeating / rephrasing the question and ends it with “Pls answer with yes or no”. or “YES or NO ??? (almost shouting mode)”

    99% of time get straight answer only when I pull out my knives or any other weapons ..

    Malaysian are not confident with themselves. they are sooo afraid to be misunderstood or afraid to have misunderstood you. they also afraid you would judge them..

  6. michaelooi says:

    saintis – Touche bro. And I guess that’s why I am not a very popular person at work. I always give spot-on and straight answers, non-sugarcoated. Not that it’s really a good thing but, I sure hope this mentality can be changed.

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