October 5, 2010

work bitch

Ask me anytime, what I hate most about being an engineer – it has to be working with women. I don’t know if this is just me, but it doesn’t really matter. Notwithstanding the fact that some of them have nice rack and body to ogle at, I just hate working with them.

Why do I hate working with them? It is because most of them are bitches. I find that they don’t seem to be able to think objectively to get things done. It has to be added with emo and feelings and whatnots, so that it is more difficult for the guys. And if they happen to have an opinion, they are often hellbent on getting things done their way, and no one is allowed to change that. If anyone comes along to change or counter the solidly formed opinion of that woman’s, then she shall register the culprit (and everyone involved in the rebellion) into her limited arithmetic logic unit lodged deep inside her brain – that only holds 2 registries – the registry of things to buy for herself, and an offenders’ list (which functions pretty much like a sex offenders’ list, except this is about personal grudge). And if you’re unlucky enough to end up in that list, you’re forever fucked.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to do anything to end up in that list. They can add you inside the list arbitrarily, without needing a reason. And that’s especially painful if you have to depend on that stupid cheebye bitch to get your job done. I have had that Abu Ghraib experience fuckloads of times. I can safely say, out of 10 women, at least 7 of them are like that. The majority is far too great to be ignored, that’s why I firmly believe that this has to be a gender thing (hey I might be wrong but, what the fuck). Maybe it is something that they have (that we guys don’t) that makes them all cranky like that, maybe it’s their uterus that is affecting the way they think, like a hardware electro-magnetic signal jammer or something. This sort of also explains why it gets progressively worse as they get older, you know. After they have worn out the usefulness of their uterus to procreate, the pair of tentacles sort of became an oversized appendixes waiting to catch an infection, that’s when things start to putrefy really bad inside and make them go really off in the head.

In Company Y (my new workplace), I have seen at least a dozen of such unmentionables. One of them is a screamer, i.e. the worst kind. She gets her job done by screaming. She’d scream every time she picks up her phone, like someone crushed her clitoris on a door jamb. So if one is unlucky enough to be located near her, that person would experience the perils of having a psychotic stepmother minus the physical abuse. I can’t help but wonder, what makes her think that screaming at your peers is ok. Doesn’t she know that it’s fucking deplorable? Thank god I do not have to deal with that abomination because we’re of different line altogether… but this could very well change in the future. *wipe sweat*. So guys, you better take care of yourselves.

I am counting my days to retirement.

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6 Comments to “work bitch”

  1. JC says:

    Awesome stuff… Some women just have their logic processor short-circuited.

  2. einsamsoldat says:

    QFT for ur post. In IT terminology, they are like Domain Controllers propagating data other Domain Controllers in the Active Directory.

  3. MT says:

    Its unfortunately not only limited to engineers la dude. I have had the same experience too. :/

    My cure for the shouter was to shout back at her. I tried to tahan.. and tahan.. and tahan… but one day I just shouted back “SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! STOP SHOUTING ALL THE TIME!!! YOU PISS PEOPLE OFF BY YOUR SHOUTING!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!” After that, there was no more shouting from that beeyotch! >:)

  4. ahsiang says:

    too bad my company doesn’t allow for F*** words, you’ll get sued for that…..
    Just turn the volume on the headphone up and concentrate on work la!

  5. seremban engineer says:

    Agree with MT, it not only limited to engineers.
    Some women extremely annoying people while they are appearing around the workplace (not because they are hot or pretty). They are just sucks.

  6. michaelooi says:

    Well, I confined my scopes to ‘engineers’ because that’s the only field I’ve ever been. I’m sure other occupations have their own grouses about the rodless gender being unprofessional too.

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