September 26, 2010

Hokkien Mee

Ask a Penangite which local food he/she’s going to miss most when away from Penang for a long period of time, you can bet your ass that person’s going to opt for ‘Hokkien Mee’ (noodle in prawn soup). It’s an all-time local favorite that has a long history of its own amongst its followers. A mere mention of ‘Penang Hokkien Mee’ could cause severe side effects such as spasmodic seizure, uncontrollable sweating, temporary paralysis, and for some extremely serious cases, near death experience. There’s only one remedy known to that – get the hell to Penang pronto and have a bowl (or a few). It’s how good it is.

But being in Penang for all my life, Hokkien Mee was just another suck ass food I could easily get from basically all over the place. I was NEVER excited about Hokkien Mee and was NEVER a fan. I’ve tried almost every place, none of them could give me the kind of kick that made me crazy enough to go back for more – well, until I accidentally discovered Uncle Tony’s Hokkien Mee, about a couple clicks away from where I live. That was about a year ago, when I was scouring for breakfast one morning at a place I frequented. I wasn’t in the mood for anything that morning so, I ordered a takeaway Hokkien Mee from a guy operating a Hokkien Mee stall who somewhat resembled a good friend of mine named Tony (hence the name). Then I went back home, and had that pack of noodle. The feeling I had was close to coming in my pants! It was the most fucking good Hokkien Mee I ever had! (and one of the cheapest too, only RM2.50) The first thought I had was, maybe it was just a one time thing you know, as I have experienced countless of times at other outlets before. So I decided to try Uncle Tony’s stall for a few more times, and verified its consistency. From then on, I found my enlightenment and achieved nirvana. I am now a level nine saint with enough prawn essence in me to clog the arteries of a thousand hearts.

So where is Uncle Tony’s stall located? For Penangites, it’s located at So Young Cafe coffeeshop/kopitiam. Right beside the famous oyster sauce chicken rice stall. Make sure you go there before 9.30am. For those of you dumbass Penangites who have no clue where So Young cafe is, it’s located at Jalan Tan Sri Teh Ewe Lim, about 200 meters after Lam Wah Ee Hospital. For those of you with GPS, it’s located at the following coordinate : N5 23.539 E100 18.443. If you still do not have an idea where it is, then fuck off, you do not deserve a piece of awesome from Uncle Tony.

Uncle Tony’s Hokkien Mee. Looks normal, but it is not.

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19 Comments to “Hokkien Mee”

  1. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Wargghhh if only you blogged this a few days earlier. Was in Penang over the weekend :(

  2. Eric says:

    OK will try Tony’s next time in Penang. Used to cover LWE Hosp previously. So Good & a few others within walking distance were d lunch choices (cos no one wants to drive away from d precious parking lot in hospital).

    Hey Mike, u’re not gonna start another dumbass food blog, r u?

  3. michaelooi says:

    Yee Hou – So that’s your last trip ever to Penang?

    Eric – If you can’t tell whether I’m starting a dumbass food blog, then what’s the difference and why bother asking?

  4. ShaolinTiger says:

    That surely is a fine looking bowl of noodles, can you add pai guat on this badboy?

  5. Arkane says:

    Is it better than the acclaimed Penang famous Hokkien mee at Burmah road ?

  6. Fiona K says:

    OMG! looks damn goood.. definitely noted in must-eat in my coming Penang trip! XD

  7. auyongtc says:

    Feels like this – ?

    Eh… this year end, making a road trip up north to Penang for fooding around. See you then? :)

  8. Jimmy Foo says:

    “I am now a level nine saint with enough prawn essence in me to clog the arteries of a thousand hearts.”


  9. michaelooi says:

    ST – yeah you can most definitely add ‘pai guat’ heheh

    Arkane – The Burma road Hokkien Mee is a tourist and drunk trap. Only the ‘blurs’ go there.

    Fiona – Yeah it’s definitely good (and strangely, somewhat addictive)

    Auyong – Just give me a call by then bro. I’ll bring you around to pig out.

    Jimmy – Too much Hokkien Mee maa. During my bumming period, I patronized this stall almost 3 times a week, for a couple of months.

  10. doc says:

    OMG that metal spoon! Classic! You would have to go to the museum if you want to see that spoon in KL! Bet it would taste better with wooden chopsticks instead of the plastic ones.

  11. michaelooi says:

    Yep metal spoon’s a classic, but still not hard to find in Penang (I won’t eat anything with a disposable pansy ass plastic spoon.)

    Wooden chopsticks a little bit hard to find though. But can still be found in some old market somewhere… (but they’re usually not good and dirty).

  12. Eric says:

    I was hoping u wouldn’t start a dumbass food blog! Good of u to confirm.

  13. lex says:

    hokkien mee is not that black black mee with fried pork fat?

  14. michaelooi says:

    Eric – Let’s just say, if I were to start a food blog, it will definitely not be a dumbass one.

    lex – The one you described is called ‘Hokkien Char’ in Penang (literally means. stir fried noodle Hokkien style). They’re just called differently in Singapore/KL. But who gives a crap about Singapore/KL? They both suck. Come to Penang.

  15. Eric says:

    Now u’re talking! I really really missed Penang food since moving to KL; plenty wannabes here but not even close to the ori. U know la, when u have it, take for granted kinda thing. Well, if u ever blog abt this topic, we all await in anticipation. Cheers!

  16. frankie says:

    There is one which i stumbled at a Chinese chu char coffeeshop in Seberang Jaya which only sells Hokkien Mee on Saturday. The old chef used an old traditional recipe which was passed down by his ‘sifu’ in the 1950s. No MSG or belacan were used in the soup, you can almost detect the non existence of the MSG but in its place the natural sweetness of the soup derived from the ‘herbal sugar cane’ or ‘teik chea’ in Hokkien.

    I took one of my close buddy from the island who proclaimed himself a Hokkien mee expert and from the first sip of the soup, tears of nolstagic came down, I kid you not.

    Location at Persiaran Tuna, Google map at 5.391452,100.404831.

  17. DocWINO says:

    Take your zipperhead communist asses back to China…That shit looks like vomited alley-cat hairballs in dysentery sauce.

    Sick bastards…

  18. michaelooi says:

    DocWINO – We sick bastards like stuff like that. Can’t take it? Kill yourself.

  19. 恭亲王 says:

    I think DocWino needs to be tied down. And have a piece of raw pork stuffed into his throat laced with cat hair ball and wash it down with dog pee. That will put some sense into his cheebye head.

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