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August 29, 2010

my bumming days are over

I have finally found a job.

I have finally ended my days of being a bum.

The final few weeks of bumming was particularly eventful, being a somewhat prized commodity between 2 prolific American MNCs, each bidding me to join them. Both offered equally challenging job and wage, but I eventually settled for the one nearer to home (the other calling was to be in Petaling Jaya, which I have my reservations about).

Anyway, the whole experience was an eye opener for me – for I have never ever been unemployed before. I finally got a taste of what it felt like sitting at home with nothing to do, and kinda understand why old retired people are so fucking loco. Being idle makes one depressed and loco. It’s not fun at all.

The most fucked up thing about the bumming was not the sitting at home part though. It was the interviews. Not that I’m nervous or anything like that but, I kinda disliked the idea of having to meet people I do not know, and for them to have me judged like I’m some prostitute desperately wanting to join their self professed prestigious chicken coop (yes, they do that to interviewees). Motherfucking hell.

Now I’m just glad that it’s finally over. I just can’t stand the thought of meeting more of these condescending morons who think they have this imaginary giant dick that shoots through the roof.

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August 23, 2010


One thing that really bothers me a lot when I go for an interview at a prospective employer’s is application forms.

I noticed that most of the forms, usually do not provide enough space to fill in anything at all. It was as if the person who designed the form, expected the interviewee to either have,

a) Microscopic hello kitty school girl handwriting
b) A means of writing everything short like short URL.

I have encountered a form which requires me to detail my past job experiences in a space just big enough to fill in my name. And then the space to fill my name, is only big enough to fill in just one word. So, if my name were to be ‘Haji Pandak Jamalullail bin Landak Murtabak’, you can forget about filling in the form. It will be impossible.

I’m wondering, why the hell can’t they just use our CV/resume for filing/review purposes? Why impose all the the extra work to just get the same information already listed in the CV/resume? Or if they choose to be stupid and irrelevant, WHY CAN’T THEY AT LEAST MAKE THE SPACES BIGGER!?

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August 16, 2010

serves me right

My quest to look for a job has taken a dramatic turn towards the worst when I walked out of an interview today. Not technically an ‘interview’ yet but, it’s definitely a walk out.

Reason? I was pissed.

But first, a little disclaimer – I know many of you think that an interview is all about being a whore, and how important it is to be able to impress the shit just about anyone who deigns to see my prostitute ass. But that’s not really what I perceive the whole thing as. To me, an interview is like a blind date. We both lay what we have on the table, try to have a conversation and weigh everything in to make a decision whether to accept that partner. If everything’s ok, then we have a deal. Simple.

My deal went sour even before I met the prospective ‘blind date’ today. I should have seen it coming but I chose to ignore the signs. My bad and serves me right.

First sign: The fucking HR who called me couldn’t speak English. It was all in BeeEm (Malay language). What kind of a shit-tard HR officer couldn’t speak English? I should have rejected the interview right there, but I didn’t. Serves me right.

Second sign: When I asked for an official appointment email and interview details from the guy (in Malay), he refused to do it. I don’t know why. Either he must be too retarded to send an email, or he’s just plain lazy. I should have rejected the interview, but I didn’t. Serves me right.

Third sign: When I asked for a contact number of the person whom I’m suppose to meet, he refused to divulge any detail, but directed me to ‘just ask for Jamal’. I should have rejected the interview, but I didn’t. Serves me right.

Then came today, the interview day, when I reached the company, the God of Technology and Cognitive Thinking gave me more hints. But I chose to ignore them all (serves me right),
– Guard asked me to fill in a form in the sun, the exact details I have listed comprehensively in my CV/resume, only to learn later that I could have done it in the comfort of an air conditioned lobby. (the form was apparently for the interviewer, which means I could have done the form in the lobby. The ‘under the sun’ part was for the guards’ amusement.)
– The Jamal that I was asked to ask, did not come to work today. The HR officer who met me didn’t know about the appointment. Confusion ensued.
– I was asked to state the interviewer’s name after a bout of frantic calling by the HR shapeshifter, which I did not have (see Second and Third signs above)
– The job requires working in shift (stated in the stupid form I filled under the sun), which was not listed in the original JD published in the newspaper (I wouldn’t have applied if I have known that).
– There were 5s posters everywhere in the lobby, but ironically at the same time, there was also a truck parking at the lobby entrance, with pallets of boxes all over the parking lot. Bullshit company.
– From the guards to the HR officer, to the workers who roamed around the lobby, none of them were any younger than 40 years old.

The tardiness of the non-existent interviewer was the straw that broke my back. I was fucking made to wait in the lobby for 40 minutes, and suddenly, I awoke and said “What the fuck am I doing here?” and walked out to have an awesome meal of banana leaf rice.

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August 10, 2010

interviewed by a dipshit

That’s right, I was interviewed by a fucking dipshit.

Tall guy in his mid or late 40’s. Fish belly pale in complexion, rotund, balding and had a condition that made his eyes half closed like Jughead in Archie’s comics. He looked totally like what a pedophile should look like, and the first sight of him gave me this uneasy feeling that my interview session is gonna suck.

And I was right. At one stage of the interview, that dipshit interviewer decided to empower himself by delving into the ‘root cause’ topic which totally ruined everything. This was his first question (verbatim):

“When a supplier gives you the root cause of a problem, tell me of a tool, which you can use to verify the effectiveness of the root cause.”

I’m sure all of you know what a ‘root cause’ is. So I went ahead to explain how I’d do it based on my experience – you know, technical verification, SPC, audits, etc. But the dipshit cut me off halfway, and told me that was not the answer he expected. He stressed on the word ‘tool’ and then rephrased the whole question, which to my surprise, was not what he originally asked.

“No no no no no. That wasn’t what I asked. I asked, name a TOOL [annoyed gesture], that ONE TOOL, that can find us the root cause of a problem.”

Like I said, it was an entirely different question from what he originally asked. And fuck me but if there is such tool in this world, then we wouldn’t need engineers. We can just hire Indonesian maids to use the fucking tool to find root causes. So I was kinda stuck there because I wasn’t sure I heard it right from that dipshit, and I eventually gave up.

“The one tool that could find me the root cause of a problem? I’m sorry, that’s beyond my knowledge then. Maybe you can enlighten me.”

The dipshit then lit up like a bulb and gave me this despicable smirk. He then smugly said this (which totally got me dumbfucked)

“Ahaaaa! Let me educate you here. The tool is called ‘fishbone diagram’. You use a ‘fishbone diagram’ to find root causes.”

!@#$%^&* (self explanatory, people).

If I could yell WHAT THE FUCK, I would have done it. But you have no idea how it felt like to suppress the emotion inside like it’s a wrong thing to do. A ‘fishbone diagram’, colloquial term for Ishikawa Diagram, is a tool to brainstorm for possible contributing factors to a specific set of problems. Advanced use would be to put numerical weight to each brainstormed factor, and with it, you narrow down your scope for higher efficiency. And that’s just the beginning of many more things to do. It doesn’t fucking directly find a goddamn ‘root cause’. And that was what I told that dipshit, and yet he still had the cheek to argue, like a 5 year old child.

“No no no no. It can. It can help us to find a root cause.”

Why maybe he actually used a fishbone diagram to find out why his car wouldn’t start in the morning.
Not wanting to drag the conversation further, I replied him this,

“Maybe in your world. In my world, a fishbone diagram is a brainstorming tool.”

Not sure if he got my sarcasm, but I have that feeling I won’t get the job – simply because I’m not from his world. Never mind if he has enough life in him to get offended with my reply. The interview was concluded about 5 minutes after that. Shortest interview I had (whole thing lasted just 30 minutes).

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August 7, 2010

are we actually rich or poor?

Caught this in the news today

Malaysia donates RM3.14mil to Pakistan

PETALING JAYA: Malaysia is donating US$1mil (RM3.14mil) to Pakistan to help the country which has been hit by massive floods since July 22.

Foreign Ministry in a statement said the humanitarian aid was a manifestation of Malaysia’s sympathy and empathy towards the Pakistani government and people who had suffered the loss of lives and damage to major infrastructure and property in the floods.

“We hope the humanitarian aid can help ease the pain suffered by the flood victims.

“This is the worst flood Pakistan has experienced in 80 years. It has claimed about 1,600 lives, while almost one million have lost their homes.

“The lives of about 3.5 million people in several areas including Punjab, Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and Kyber Pakhtunkhwa have been affected because of this disaster,” the statement said.

The money would be delivered as soon as possible to Pakistan, which was also received aid from other countries and agencies such as the United Nations.

Malaysia donates to Pakistan, after a round of subsidy cuts. While 3.14 million may not be much (I wonder how they come up with that number…), but it paints a false impression that we’re very well off to give away money like that. It’s like a manager sees his employee buy a brand new car after having heard the fella complaining about being underpaid. False impression.

Hello!? Depa ada sendiri mia nuclear weapon! What makes you think Pakistan can’t afford a measly few million bucks to aid its own people??

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