July 14, 2010

car wash

You know, I am always against the idea of getting my car vacuumed at a car wash. Usually, I’d wash Lorraine myself, but when I’m too lazy to do it, I’d send her to a car wash. But that’s the furthest I’m willing to go. Just the wash. Strictly no vacuum, no matter how filthy the interior is.

You want to know the reason why? Banglas. For some strange reasons, our local folks are not very keen to work in a car wash so most car wash business owners have to hire these foreign workers from the deepest and darkest trench of the underworld, in the scale of bad odor. And we all know, these Banglas – after a whole day’s hard work at the car wash, sweating and perspiring – their body odor would stink to high heavens. Letting them into the car would be akin to opening a few canisters of mustard gas inside the car.

But I apparently made a mistake the other day. I subconsciously unlocked the door to let them wipe the edge of the door, and as a result of my boner, my wife and I were gassed to death. I am now blogging from the deepest and darkest region of the underworld. If you guys need any 4D prediction, you can email me because I’ve became a discontent spirit now.

(Man, they should really hire young college girls to do car wash/vacuum work. For one, they won’t likely to stink up our cars, and secondly, the girls could save more from not needing to go to the gym and get paid to exercise instead. Why the fuck isn’t this happening already??)

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14 Comments to “car wash”

  1. MaN|acZ says:

    Young college girls are lazy too. haha. that’s why you don’t see them working in car wash.

  2. Manicures. Won’t want to ruin our manicures, and neither would you want your car all scratched up right?

  3. ShaolinTiger says:

    Best if they wear skimpy white singlets with no bra.

  4. michaelooi says:

    maniac – Not ALL of them are lazy, right? The lazy ones can stay poor and out of shape, the not-so-lazy ones can start a prospective business right away. (I’d go to an all-college-girls car wash anytime)

    electronicfly – The difference between manicure and manure is just 2 letters.

    ST – Hell yeah… I’d probably let them vacuum me instead of my car… ehehh

  5. Eric says:

    Yipes! The malodorous car vacuum incident strikes Mike! Heh heh, had that happen to me once, after vacuum job done, drove over to the cashier counter & asked if they were using a new car deo spray that day – Eau de Sweaty-Bangla-Heavenly-Whiff. I got dizzy from the fumes, even with windows down. Whew!

  6. iwancmn says:

    young college girls doing carwash ohhh how nice it would be argghhhh.

    Once again I’m influenced. No more vacuuming. Wash only!

  7. Arkane says:

    Apparently the deepest and darkest trench inhibitants are pretty selective nowadays. The other day my kid puked on the backseat and I had to take my car to them for cleaning and they arrogantly told me they don’t do pukes. Wow, that’s what I call a high class car wash.

  8. Tan Yee Hou says:

    @Arkane – A 50 will usually change their no pukes policy hehe.

  9. Leon says:

    I think “hot girls” would be a better classification than young college ones. You never know, they might be “not quite hot young college girls”.

    Sounds like a great idea to me. Open on in Penang perhaps. I think you’ll find lots of KL cars driving up. Tourist attraction!

  10. michaelooi says:

    Eric – ‘Heavenly whiff’? So you enjoyed it? Ewwwhhh

    iwancmn – Good good. You wouldn’t want to find out the hard way. Man those smell could easily kill a small animal!

    Arkane – Apparently, I’m quite good at cleaning pukes, having done that many times before during my daughter’s golden-puking-years… Fucking Banglas even have the audacity to be picky!

    Yee Hou – Now we all know you’re a rich uncle…

    Leon – Well, hot ones are definitely a bonus, but not really important. I just want my car clean and odor free.

  11. feizal says:

    I got sick for 2 days cuz I got in the same elevator with one..the longest elevator ride of my life

  12. michaelooi says:

    EinsamSoldat – Thanks for sharing man. The video reminded me of my younger days when I used my retarded colleague’s talking dictionary to pronounce cuss words in different languages. It was fun.

  13. Rojakgal says:

    Err..Hot girls are not very cost-effective. Furthermore, don’t think they are good cleaner. Hence, I suggest the below:

    1. Bangla cleaners + Rexona + to take bath every 4 hours of work
    2. All ladies cleaners (Below 25-year-old Filipinos/Cambodian/Indonesian girls)
    3. China girl cleaners (Your car wash probably will costs double but you’ll get complimentary shoulder massage perhaps?)
    Can also book your preferred girl for weekly car wash, at your house.

    Which one do you prefer?

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