June 24, 2010


At KFC with a friend. A fatass Malay lady was manning the counter,

Fatass: “Goodmorningsir howmayIhelpyou?”

Me: “Hi, I would like to have a….”

I wanted to order the KFC ‘Snack Plate’ set – which is a set of 2 piece chicken that comes with a regular sized soft drink – but I was cut off by that fast talking fatass Malay lady before I could even finish my order…

Fatass: “Havinghere or takeaway?”

Me: “Errr, having here… and…”

I wanted to continue my order, but was again cut off by that fatass Malay lady.

Fatass: “Original or spicy?”

Me: “Spicy. Errr… let me repeat my order…”

I attempted to order for the third time, and again, fatass Malay chick did not let me finish,

Fatass: “Any sideordersforyousir?”

That was when I snapped.


She was taken aback by my sudden display of hostility (probably didn’t even realize that I was pissed off) and for the first time, she allowed me to finish my order

Me: “Snack plate, spicy, having here, and a set of that cheese wedges there, got it??”

Fatass: “Wouldyoulike to have a drinkwiththat?”

Me: “Doesn’t your Snack Plate set come with a regular sized soft drink?? Did you hear my orders right??”

Fatass: “Well, that’s because we do serve 2 piece chickens without drinks.”

Me: “Then it wouldn’t be called a ‘Snack Plate’ set, would it?? Maybe you should just learn how to listen!”

If hitting someone for being stupid is legal, I would have pummeled that fatass Malay chick right there and then. Damn fucking waste of oxygen.

To give you an idea how fucking dumb this fatass Malay chick is, the friend who got served after me also had some stuck up with her. Apparently, she could not figure out the correct change for my friend after she was paid 20 bucks for a RM14.80 bill. She first used a calculator and then stood there looking utterly confused before bolting off to ask for a bailout from her manager. My friend was however, kind enough to holler at her the amount she should give back, which she immediately lighted up like a bulb and gave him the change.

Unbelievable, I know. People like her should be jobless. Or maybe take the place of the lab test animals in Penang or something.

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15 Comments to “KFC”

  1. Ryan says:

    You only have yourself to blame for going to such eatery manned by dumb-ass.

    This is not the first time I read about it.

    You gotta learn Michael. Once bitten, twice shy and if there is a third time you only have yourself to blame.

    Hahaha.. Chill dude :D

  2. michaelooi says:

    You’re saying I should boycott an eatery because one (some) of its outlets is manned by a dumbass? Wow. Then I’d have nothing to eat in the future.

  3. Dawn says:

    Stupid Cheenaaa guy…lowly shit compared to malay

  4. michaelooi says:

    It’s ‘Chinese’ you idiotic pig. Not ‘Cheenaaa’. I feel bad for you and your retarded brethren.

  5. NoktahHitam says:

    HAHAHA. Happens a lot. I do believe they are trained to take orders quickly. Usually I’d order in laid back manner i.e. let them finish the talking first. If it’s just too hard, just order in Malay lah.

  6. Shar says:

    Rasa pedas ke?
    Is it because you are also a Fatass AND Malay?
    Your comment is totally uncalled for.
    If you can’t handle the heat then don’t read. As far as I can tell no one stood behind you pointing a gun at your temple to visit this site. Not too sure if you can read though, since you can’t even spell correctly.

  7. david says:

    which kfc branch was that ? i went to the kfc bungalow off burma road last week. still looks the same as 5 years ago but pretty quiet. maybe cos it was a weekday. the service was ok lah. but the menu is pretty messy, like cut and paste by some over enthu artist. i think they should just highlight the meals like macs.

    anyway, did u see the news about getting 2 BILLION tourists yearly by 2015 ? it is like whole of china pass thru malaysia :P

  8. michaelooi says:

    NoktahHitam – You’re just being nice. The idea of ‘taking an order’ is to listen… don’t you think?

    Shar – I have many great Malay friends, but it is people like this that makes me feel sad for my Malay friends…

    david – No ler, it was an outlet in Tesco extra at the mainland. About the tourist thing, yeah I’ll talk to the PM about that to adjust the number a bit.

  9. feizal says:

    Dawn: Oi, shut up! People like you are the reason for fuck ups in this country. You fuck.

  10. frankie says:

    Some people are born for different task. So let it pass.

  11. Quinn says:

    I think it’s hard to say people like her should be jobless but I’ll agree people like her shouldn’t be manning the counter, maybe do kitchen stuffs, fry the kitchen or something else. I absolutely hate how a lot of fast food chain in Malaysia talk so quickly, like a train and the moment you miss something they say, you’re lost. And I really dislike the interruption part because it is sooooo rude, can’t believe she actually interrupted you 3 freaking times!!!

  12. Quinn says:

    p/s: I meant to say harsh, not hard and also chicken not kitchen, sorry bout the typo! My brain got caught-up today!

  13. nick says:

    should the manager be blamed for not training his/her staff to have proper manners? after all, if the staff is thick skulled, then the manager has to do something about it, no?

    i always demand to speak to the supervisor/manager/whoever’s in charge when something like this happens.

    i empathise with you michael, a hungry man should not be treated like this! i know i have a short fuse when i’m starving :P

  14. michaelooi says:

    Quinn – Hahahhh I agree she should be made to fry the ‘kitchen’.

    nick – If it’s manners, then her parents and educators (if any) should be blamed. As for getting the wrong person for the job, her manager’s the one to blame.

  15. littleComma says:

    At 2349 hrs on a Monday nite, you are making me hungry thinking of KFC. *glut*

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