June 14, 2010

don’t be such a dick

A high ranking colleague decided to leave the company and one of his honchos organized a farewell lunch for him. When I agreed to attend the lunch, another colleague became somewhat bewildered, and asked me this

“That guy is a consummate asshole, you sure you want to attend his farewell lunch?”

He made it sound as if I was going to volunteer myself to sail to Gaza.

Sure enough, the guy who is leaving isn’t exactly the nicest guy, and I believe I have also ranted quite a number of times overtly about him being the biggest asshole. But they’re just rants and I didn’t take them personal. Him being an asshole is not a reason for me to be such a dick about everything. That’s why I decided to attend the farewell lunch, to give him a sincere farewell. It’s all about being matured, diplomatic in the business and being right. This is what I replied to that bewildered colleague:

“It is just a fucking lunch. If it means to make someone feel good, and to have even the most remote possibility of him looking out for you in the future, then it is still better than you being holed up in the office doing nothing because you think he’s an asshole.”

I guess the key idea here is – not to burn your bridges. If you’re going to scorn every asshole you meet, then you have the whole world to scorn including yourself because everyone’s an asshole. If you have a bad opinion about someone, just keep it within yourself (or if you can’t help it, rant to your friends or whatever). But know that you’ve got to move on and get back into the business. You’ll never know if the very same asshole you scorn would help you get back on your feet if you ever fall one day.

Let me share a real life lesson which is pretty fucked up recently. Remember I blogged about a guy called Glottis? Well, for the record, I never liked that guy (duh). Not because he’s an asshole, but because I think he’s a queer. I feel dirty even with him standing a few feet away from me. But despite his shortcomings of being the most pondan dweeb in Company X, he’s also one of the most successful one. He’s a high ranking manager now, while I’m still a low level fucker who’s about to lose my fucking job. See?

Now comes the real deal – I’ve been searching for a job for close to 3 weeks now. 30 over applications, zero interview. One day, Glottis dropped by and offered me an opportunity to work with an MNC which is about as big as Company X. And he’s the only one who voluntarily offered! I didn’t even know how to feel grateful for him, especially after I remembered myself threatening to drag him outside the factory to beat him up like a bitch many years ago. It is a really difficult situation for me. But karma’s a fucking bitch, it has to be Glottis of all the people I have professionally acquainted with.

This goes on to prove that opportunities do not often come sugar coated for your convenience (just like how USA managed to get a draw with England) – lesson to bring home at the end of the day.

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4 Comments to “don’t be such a dick”

  1. Ryan says:

    Network my friend, network. You need to have a large pool of people who are aligned to you or you are aligned to them, in order to be successful.

    Then again it all boils down to one’s personality. People like you and me who don’t suck other people’s balls are always stuck down there- smelly and unwanted :(

  2. michaelooi says:

    You don’t actually need to suck balls if you’re reallllly good. Sucking balls are for those incompetent bastards, agree or not?

  3. sweewon says:

    Couldn’t agree more, especially this part about keeping your opinion to yourself, particularly from your colleagues actually! “Politics” are everywhere.

  4. mott says:

    who’s the monkey? who’s the frog?

    ok ok *cough* youtube aside… you’re right. ;)

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