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May 17, 2010

“Ip Man 2″ (2010)

So, who do you beat after the Japanese? Kind of predictable, don’t you think? It’s the goddamn yong gwai chi (also known as contemporary ‘sei gwailow‘ or ‘a fucking white guy’). The Chinese is always pissed at everyone. Figuratively speaking, if anyone who isn’t Chinese comes to live with them, they’d go apeshit to beat the crap out of that person, citing on the grounds of their Chinese pride and self-esteem (yes, I have to agree, we do get a bit racist sometimes for the sake of entertainment).

To me, “Ip Man 2″ is no different from some of the already existing popular kungfu themes out there. You know, to rise and fight against the corrupted influence of ‘outsiders’ (foreigners). So it’s either the Japanese or Westerners (funny, little has ever shown about the Mongols). Jet Li actually did the Japs and gweilo in 1 flick – “Fearless” – and predictably, garnered heaps of praise from many critics. It kind of gets dull after you’ve watched a few hundreds of the same theme.

Anyway, in “Ip Man 2″, it’s east meets west, and the glorified-but-humble kungfu master whoops the cocky + behemoth Western guy’s ass and upholds the Chinese dignity. The only different thing about the theme in this sequel is, they actually got someone quite wimpy to be the main sei gwailow antagonist (who is as tough as a hypermart check-out guy. They should have fucking gotten ‘The Rock’ to do it! You should check out the size of the brute Jet Li beat in “Fearless”!) and the uncanny resemblance to Rocky 3 theme (you know, antagonist kills hero’s friend, then hero takes on the antagonist. Like how Balboa avenges for Apollo Creed after he got killed by the badass Mr. T). Hell, even the way they lifted him up during the victory was similar!

Another thing I didn’t like about “Ip Man 2″ was the use of wire during the sparring session between the Chinese kungfu masters. I felt that it totally adulterated the whole flick. Generally, I have no problem with wire-kungfu, but they’ve got to know how to separate the fantasy shit versus the real stuff, you know? This is almost like watching the biopic of Ray Charles, and then suddenly he takes out his sunglasses and a thick red laser beam starts to shoot out of his eyes to obliterate an evil roach creeping around his piano. It boggles the mind and makes the whole experience strange.

It was just an ok flick for me. Nothing to shout about. 5/10 (yes, I think the first one fared better).

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May 12, 2010

mud balls

Recently, there has been a spate of events to promote ‘save the environment’ by various organizations in Penang. Company X, being a known media whore, has been quite active in these environmental activities. Amongst the chic-est thing to do nowadays (that I noticed) is – throwing mud balls.

I don’t really know how these things work but according to some vague facts, these balls could make our rivers clean again or something like that. So, if you have a really sad looking filthy ass river, just dump some of these balls into it, and it will be cleaner. More mud balls = cleaner water. At least that’s what most people perceive anyway.

That actually got me thinking – if the mud balls are so effective as claimed, then why don’t they just focus on mass producing these mud balls and dump them by the truckloads into all the rivers? Why save the mud balls just so that these people can play a part to throw them into rivers? What’s the rationale behind all these acts? What’s holding them back from mass balling these rivers back into their former glory?

One answer: media/attention whore. I think these balls are nothing more than pure bollocks. Maybe they are good enough to clean your koi fish pond for a limited time… I don’t know. But I don’t think it is able to restore a river that looks something like the picture on the left. Might even make it worse, I reckon. As you can see in the picture, there’s already a limited flow of water in the river. Balling it with mud balls some more will probably cause more sediment to deposit… and before you know it, it will become a dirt road instead of a river… no shit (ever wonder where does the ‘mud’ in the mud ball goes?). The only way that’s able to make the river clean again, is to go to the root of it – get rid of the main causes that made the river polluted in the first place. As simple as that. Mud balling isn’t going to help. (try to mud ball a bucket of used engine oil, see what happens…)

Well, the only thing that can be of help is probably the psychological relief that it brings. Makes one feel good for doing something – albeit imaginary – for the environment. But we can exploit even more value off the mud balls in my opinion. Instead of balling them into the river, I’d say we should fling them at our bosses. Maybe make them line up in tandem, and have them all blindfolded and we all take our best shot at them with mud balls! Might not clean up a lot of filth but it sure is fun, probably going to psyche us up a little, converting the energy into some productivity… and who knows, the productivity spike might lead up to some effort to do the real work to clean up a river…

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May 10, 2010

remembering a friend

I saw someone on the street today who reminded me of a childhood friend called Ah Foot. Memories of him then wafted into my mind.

Ah Foot’s mom and mine were old friends from their youth, and that was how I came to know him (I’ve never really known his real name though, he was only known as ‘Ah Foot’ to me). I remember Ah Foot and his mom would frequently visit us at our home, and the ladies would have their deep talk (I was too young to understand), while Ah Foot and I would jump/run around like idiots. His mom would sometimes talk until she gets real emotional with tears, but like I said, I was too young to understand.

But all of that stopped after some time, when we grew a little big older. Ah Foot and his mom stopped visiting, and we became distant of each other. Ah Foot’s mom would still occasionally meet my mom at the marketplace somewhere (without ‘Ah Foot’) though, and as usual, would get emotional when she talks. She seemed like a very sad woman to me then (that was how I perceived her as a kid).

I only learned very much later that Ah Foot’s mom was always sad because she was a victim of domestic violence. Ah Foot’s dad was a total scumbag, a wanton philanderer and a habitual wife beater. Because Ah Foot’s mom was an Indian (yes, Ah Foot’s a half Indian biologically, but he was raised a 100% Chinese), she was also subjected to ill treatment from her racist mother-in-law. Yes, she had to contend with the 2 front of assholes at home. ‘Sad’ would be an understatement. She turned to my mom because she had no one to turn to.

Then it got worse. When Ah Foot was old enough to reason (about 8 – 9 years of age), the scumbag of a father of his started to brainwash him into despising his own mother – which he began to hate. His father told him that his mom was a prostitute (which she indeed was, way when she was young, due to some sad circumstances), aggravating the hatred even further. That was how Ah Foot’s mom got to the verge of almost killing herself. She had to face hell from 3 fronts – her scumbag husband, her MIL and her very own son. She only had 1 other younger son to cling on to, which luckily didn’t share the same rancor towards his mom like Ah Foot.

But that all changed one day when Ah Foot was 15 – 16 years old, he went to his mom to apologize for all the hatred he had given her. That bizarre turn of event came as a shock to his mom but she forgave him nevertheless. He was basically a changed person for only one day, and on the next day, he got run over by a school bus. It was as if he knew his time was up and he went around to apologize for his mistakes.

The mom, despite all the shit she had endured from Ah Foot, would still remember Ah Foot as a repented person and a good son when asked. Sad story, but true.

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May 7, 2010

I’m so fucking tired of this shit 2

See the box below? It is one of the many I receive from India every day. People there are sending me stuff to ask if their family goat is going to have a good labor this fiscal year.

Yes, that is my old skool K750i phone. Proud to be an old man. Anyway, it is there for you to get an idea how big the box is.

Now, inside the box, is an envelope, no bigger than my phone – as per the picture below.

Inside the envelope, is a piece of thermal pad for notebook processors, measuring about 18mm x 18mm – as per the picture below.

I receive a few hundred boxes like this every month. Boxes that are 700% or more too big for its insignificant content. And sometimes, an even bigger box containing these small boxes, all wrapped up with 7 – 8 layers of those plastic shrink wraps (and the amount of fuel used to transport them). Can you imagine how big the shit gets?

Well, isn’t it refreshing for you people to know (especially the tree huggers) – that for every ream of paper you recycle or refrain from using, some asshole somewhere is doing something like this to reverse your conservation effort by a few folds?

For me, I’m just being fucking tired of this shit. You know, to receive something like this, and then to return it back without doing anything because it’s not what I wanted/supposed to work on.

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May 5, 2010

she deserved it

Working in Company X is all but a happy affair for me right now. It’s depressing, sad and demoralizing. Hence, I’d probably be venting more about work stuff until the situation improves.

The idiot of the day today is an Indian chick named Poppadom MoleRat. She’s a production operator, given the task to lead a team of inspectors and consolidate some simple reports. Not a very important job but she’s been going around telling everyone that she’s a MANAGER and acts all haughty about it. Everybody fucking hates her. I was already in my foul mood this morning, only to get exacerbated with her stupid email addressed to my boss and I (and another colleague).

From: Poppadom MoleRat
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 XX:XX AM
To: [Boss]; michaelooi; [Colleague]
Subject: VSS Offer On July

As per request attach entitle name list for those living on end of July.

[Colleague] & Michael,
You may prefer to have HR referral letter & testimony for your service in Company X.
Need to provide info. as below if needed.

Employee number
Date join

I had to read the content a few times to get hold of what she’s talking about. Basically, she was asking if we would like to get our referral/testimonial letter from HR – and if we do, we need to provide her our name, employee number and the date we joined Company X.

Kinda fucking stupid, in my opinion. Why the fuck would the HR need my name, employee number and the date we joined Company X if it wanted to dish out referral/testimonial letters to the departing employees? Don’t they have the info in their database already? The most stupid of all, was the email from Poppadom MoleRat assuming that I’ll be dead after this July (or perhaps resurrected from being dead in July? wtf). Makahai goddamn cheebye kelinga charbor. I replied her email,

From: michaelooi
Sent: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 XX:XX AM
To: Poppadom MoleRat; [Boss]; [Colleague]
Subject: RE: VSS Offer On July

Of course I will still be ‘living’ in July. I’m LEAVING, not dying.

The info below, who should I provide to? You? HR?

Colleague told me she’s just being nice, and hinted that I shouldn’t have effed her like I did. But what do I care really, she deserved it. Come to think of it, I should have crapped on her keyboard.

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