May 27, 2010

epic fail

Say you go out for lunch with 3 of your buddies. All of you ordered the same type of drink, and the total came to RM7.20. Since being a miser is pretty much the main theme of your group, each of you decided to go Dutch and pay separately. So, now the question is – how much do you reckon each of you have to pay?

It’s just simple arithmetic really. But for a bunch of well dressed good looking young women I saw at lunch today, it was a problem. They couldn’t seem to figure it out. It was at this seedy coffee shop place, and they were served by a rather loud old man (you know, being in this kind of trade for so many years). The old man brought them 4 glasses of iced lime juice, and quoted them RM7.20. Almost instantly, all the 4 of them went brain dead and hung for approximately a few seconds, before one of them mustered some guts to ask the old man this

“So… uncle, how much for each glass of these?”

The lady thought her charm could save her from this predicament of utter stupidity, but little did she know that the old man, with his long retired libido and bitten numb with old age, doesn’t have the slight of interest to be blithe with a no brainer like her. So quite predictably, the old man shot her down scornfully…

“Aiyoo! RM1.80 per glass lah!”

My respect for that old man immediately shot up a couple dozens of notches. If I were to be that girl, or any of them for that matter, I would probably bury my head in the nearest toilet bowl, and flush until I die. It was so damn embarrassing. I was thinking, there you are – dressing up like you’re so damn sophisticated like that, and act like the whole world’s giving you the only attention, only to be shot down by a coffee shop helper, who seems to be better at arithmetic than your phony ass.

If this is not an epic fail, then I don’t know what is. (epic win for old man)

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8 Comments to “epic fail”

  1. dils says:

    Oh god. I can be that girl. I am that terrible in maths. My husband kept giving me random math questions to see how fast I can answer it, just for laughs.

    But I would probably just gave the uncle RM10 and figure it out later.

  2. dc says:

    omg. that girl sounds just like me! the (chio and) mathematically-challenged!

  3. Han says:

    Epic fail lor lidet…

    Beh tahan these ladies u saw at the shop, lol!

  4. MT says:

    Hehehe speaking of maths, here’s a clip from Youtube you may enjoy.

    I won’t be surprised at all if there are many people out there who would calculate like this… :))

  5. nicholas says:

    i would have literally LOLed

  6. michaelooi says:

    Han – Well, luckily they’re quite attractive, else they would’ve been redundant in the society!

    MT – …if they could even calculate at all…

    nicholas – Like me.

  7. Daniel says:

    That’s y guys like to foot the bill for the table. We are terrible in maths….not..haha
    Ever notice it’s always the girls that insist of going dutch(in a table of friends) and for the guys kopi outing they will fight to foot the bill and belanja everyone and say it’s nothing lah, next time yur turn, etc.
    I wonder what commotion would happened if they ordered different types of drinks. (My experience was asking for the bill, asking for the menu, check the price, collect the EXACT money, pass the bill around for verifications, pass the change, put back nice branded wallet back into nice branded bags, chat for another 5 mins……make it 10….

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