April 29, 2010

my plan

You know, ever since people learned about me leaving Company X, I kept getting this same jerk-off question from around (mostly from the managers) :

So Michael, what is your plan after this?

The first thing that always comes into my mind is – you’ve got to be kidding me. What do they mean ‘what is my plan’? Isn’t it obvious enough? My plan is to fucking look for a job! What is wrong with you people!?

Of course I would never lash out at them like this. It’s never right to burn bridges. But I sometimes would give a sarcastic reply like – “I plan to become a monk and meditate all day”, and get a kick out of myself seeing them get uncomfortable.

Fucking feel good questions. Things that you can definitely do without. It’s only for morons who do not have the aptitude to even hold a decent conversation, but want to do it anyway.


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9 Comments to “my plan”

  1. I think better you should say, “I plan to watch porn and masturbate all day!”. See how that goes on people. Furthermore, it is your trademark marketing!

  2. michaelooi says:

    WTF? My trademark marketing? YOUR trademark marketing kot?

  3. Shar says:

    Michael, I am offering you a job now. I am opening a stripper joint at Ulu Klang. With your gigantic schlong, you will help to bring in those ah soh cougars of malaysia. Apa macam, deal?

  4. michaelooi says:

    Ermmm, how about a tester? You know, the alpha guy who test fuck and grope the strippers before they start work? Sort of like the new product introduction guy for a strip club? I can do that.

  5. dbone says:

    so man, what’s your plan after this?

    heheh. i’m currently looking around myself so i totally get what you mean. :)

  6. anonymous says:

    hi Michael,

    Just want to wish you all the best in your job hunting, and whatever endeavours that you pursue. And do pray too. It helps. :)

  7. feizal says:

    All work and no play makes you a manager..in ur case its how daft they are..

  8. Arkane says:

    My plan is to migrate to some tropical Pacific island with endless supply of fruits and honey and get sucked by naked chicks everyday…..

  9. michaelooi says:

    dbone – Yeah man, sad isn’t it?

    anonymous – If praying helps, I’m going to pray for a lottery win instead. But thanks anyway.

    feizal – Sadly, it seems to be the opposite in the real world. All work no play = keep working. Only those corrupted lazy cocksuckers get to become the managers and directors. (idea is to keep good workers working).

    arkane – Too much of that will kill you. At least that’s what happened to those ancient Chinese emperors…

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