April 27, 2010

publicity whores

Ever heard of Earth Day? It happened a few days ago. If you haven’t heard of it before, well, it is a day where everyone gets the chance to act out the tree hugger side of themselves. During that one day, people would crawl out from whatever shithole that they have been dwelling in, and overtly recycle their stuff – just to show that they care for the environment.

That was what some of the managers in Company X did anyway. Wanting to be seen that they care. Publicity whores, I call them. I couldn’t have cared any less for this Earth Day, so I didn’t do anything at all. But what pissed me off was, the way these publicity whores acted all smug about what they did on that day. They’d look real busy, you know, doing hard labor packing up shitloads of paper and boxes to be recycled. Just like how they did the orange distribution work during Chinese New Year. I have about a couple of open issues which needed some managerial intervention for about a few months already, but that still hasn’t happened yet. These managers however, would provide more than enough ‘managerial intervention’ for that stupid Earth Day just like that. Publicity whores.

These bunch of jerk-offs, if they hadn’t used that fucking much of a paper, then they wouldn’t have so much paper to recycle in the first place. Everyone has an email account in Company X, and an instant messenger account as well. We have company issued USB flash drives, and also communal digital projectors in every single meeting room. There’s no reason to use a single sheet of paper in Company X at all. I haven’t printed anything for years in Company X (yes, believe it man). So doesn’t that make me better off than them? But not in their eyes. If I don’t recycle, then I must be fucked up. But why do I need to recycle if I don’t use paper? To their logic, recycling is synonymous to being environmentally conscious. Hell, can you imagine, what is left for them to do if they don’t have enough paper to recycle and show that they care? That’s why, they must first waste paper, and then recycle. Booyah!

I’ve seen this myself (blatant waste of paper) – there was once my team was required to attend a compulsory 15 minutes training consisted of 2 modules conducted by an environmental officer (the same spastic guy I wrote about here and here). There were only 3 of us. Guess what did the fucker use to mark our attendance? 2 sheets of A4 paper. 1 A4 paper for each training module. Just to mark the attendance for 3 pax. I was like, WTF?? When I asked him why can’t he just use a spreadsheet inside his notebook to track our attendance (yes, he brought his notebook for the training), he said it was their common practice to mark attendances with pen/paper. *facepalm*

Anyway, that is the deal with people like them. They do things everyday that is not congruent with the environment at all. In fact, they could very well be the main cause of the whole environmental decadence shebang. We’d definitely be better off without them. You know, they never carpool, they drive SUVs to work alone, they read real newspapers, print unnecessarily, etc. One of the lady managers had about 2 carts full of paper (and newspapers), and I saw her smugly pushing her carts out and basking in the publicity that she recycles. So the whole office was like, looking at these self indulgent individuals pushing carts after carts of their stash, making them feel important in process.

Publicity whores, not environmentally conscious people.

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15 Comments to “publicity whores”

  1. Tan Yee Hou says:

    Just don’t take plastic bags cukup already.

    One thing about the plastic bag thing is that I never take it when I buy one or 2 items, but will usually need it in Ikea with multiple items.

    Blah, when I don’t need it don’t get discount; when I need it then have to pay 20cents wtf

  2. hobo says:

    The hobo approves! Say no to greenwashing practices.

  3. jen says:

    never heard of it. thanks for telling :)

  4. infintium says:

    I’m old fashioned, so give me real newsprint I can hold and read vs online ones anytime. To make up for the trees cut to satisfy my reading habit, I recycle the papers to wipe dogshit off the floor.

    Now THAT is recycling ;)

  5. Chong says:

    I was told to printout 200+ pages of report that’s available online just so he could keep it. And that’s the same fella who once said that his new year resolution is to go green / use less paper. Heh.

  6. danielle says:

    yeah that’s quite f-ed up. in my company, the secretary went “wtf why do the 4 of you want to share 1 copy of company newsletter????” like it was our loss for not getting one apiece. well. 1 copy’s enough and we barely touch that 1 copy anyway!!!

  7. Chichicha says:

    Tiuuuuu…when I saw your post title, flashed to my mind that, Wooii, Ooi, you there come up again some pokai cheebyee interesting story to tell, but, fuck, I just printed a Network Prevention ebook which is 1008 pages in total, don’t ever fuck me, fuck the hum-kar-chan who invented paper out of tree. Tiuuu..Mahai…Yaa…

  8. michaelooi says:

    Yee Hou – It’s negligible really. If only you know how much plastic wrappers they use each day at the warehouse alone, you’d be like, omgwtfbbq

    hobo – Thanks homo

    jen – No problem

    infinitium – You shit and your dog licks it clean. Now THAT’S recycling!

    Chong – I don’t know what’s the worst part, he couldn’t print it himself, or the blatant waste of paper…

    danielle – Secretaries are mostly succubus. They only know how to suck dicks or resources…

    Chichicha – Without the hum-kar-chan who invented paper, you’d be a billion times more moronic than you are today.

  9. vincent says:

    I don’t get that shit about no plastic bags in supermarkets.

    Nobody has been able to give me a satisfactory answer. Those damn tree hugers insist that you bring your own bag, but when I ask them what they use to throw their rubbish in after cooking, they all say “plastic bags”

  10. fan says:

    mike, i’m thinking of buying a new laptop. Any suggestions? Is ASUS any good?

  11. michaelooi says:

    vincent – Yeah, it’s like saying you can’t have drugs in school, but it’s ok anywhere else.

    fan – Can’t really tell. They’re actually all more or less the same anyway. Just go with the one that gives you the best warranty deal and the best value for your money. Buying a notebook is all about warranty because if your notebook is fucked, you’re going to have to go back to its maker for parts/repair.

  12. MT says:

    I remember when I had to submit my thesis. Had to print three copies for correction purposes… that’s 150 pages x 3. After correction, had to print 3 copies again. After approval, had to print 3 copies again! When I asked the fucking douchebags why I just couldn’t submit an electronic copy for the initial stages and once everything was corrected, only then print the final draft, the answer I got was “Oh… Those are our rules. You must follow.”

    Malaysia boleh…. :|

  13. EinsamSoldat says:

    Here a radical out of the box idea to save the earth… kill all the humans indiscrimately.

  14. Calvin Tan says:

    Good post michael! These people deserve a slap on their faces.
    Hey, why don’t you write something about paying our income tax? I’m sure it will get very good reception from your fans.

  15. Joe says:

    it’s just like our government. not hanging any flags during national day means you are not patriotic. i guess that explains everything.

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