April 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands comment

It has been some time since I received a hate comment/post. I received one early today in my Cameron Highlands post

#yourmother said: hello bro, U sure throwing a lot of those ‘F’ word as if U were born with it…
i read Ur review and it sucks as you do… what the hell with U anyway… the place sure has got nothing interesting but that doesn’t gives U right to write something like that…. every place is unique…by mean only some people could appreciate that… if this place is not ‘your type’ just simply don’t go… just go somewhere else…. oh ya…. U don’t have the money to go somewhere better… that is why U go to this place…. and talk bullshit about everything…. it is not the place is bad, it was U…. so i think U need to wash Ur mouth a bit harder… and stop the nonsense…. why am i writing this comment?? U not gonna approve it anyway…. like i care…. as long as my message get to U, it fine… i don’t think U had the gut to approve this anyway coz U are just an *S hole…

Here’s my reply to that person:

#michaelooi said:yourmother – Of course I have the rights to have an opinion and write something like this. From the way you wrote your comment, I can understand why you’re so charged up with what I wrote – It’s bcoz U’re a retarded *S hole. U need to kill Urself and die.

So, fuck you and your mother.

The guy’s probably a teenager who had some sentimental memories of that place (Cameron Highlands). The memories of him meeting his cousin (now wife) for the first time during a family gathering at the hills, and how he clumsily stroked her vagina with his nerdy hands while performing a ritual tribal dance to celebrate the birth of a black calf in his family vegetable farm.

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13 Comments to “Cameron Highlands comment”

  1. hobo says:

    As much as “yourmother” sounds like a fucking beng, his msg to u receives hobo seal of approval. Hobo seal of approval is worthless anyway. So don’t let anyone grind you down. You’re still an asshole though. :D

  2. michaelooi says:

    Well, I can’t please everyone, can I? Thanks, homo.

  3. Lolness says:

    That homo does have some really broken engrish so bad it makes Britney Spear’s marriage looks like it is from Disney movie. I guess he must be some 14 year old with a 13 year old wife busy breastfeeding his retard chimp baby.

  4. nick says:

    diz boy needz to go back to skool and re-learn proper punctuation markz, coz he only noes three dots “…”

    damn, trying to type like a retard is hard. haha

  5. doc says:

    Maybe he broke his back at Cameron.

  6. Lyn May says:

    “hello bro, U sure throwing a lot of those ‘F’ word as if U were born with it…”

    Haha obviously we were all born as a result of ‘F’ circumstances.. maybe he was different, was born from A-Hole.

    Good one there man! Can’t say the S-hole along with his mother didn’t deserve it :)


  7. michaelooi says:

    Lolness – No shit he’s a teenager.

    nick – Yeah, I had to amend the last sentence of that reply like, 4 – 5 times… heheh

    doc – Well, could very well be a male cousin…

    Lyn May – He hinted that in his comment maa – he was conceived through an anal sex! (he couldn’t type out the word ‘asshole’, because it is sacred to him)

  8. jen says:

    im still with u, mike. and cameron still sucks.

  9. vincent says:

    My question is:

    Why does he call himself ‘yourmother’ and start the sentence with ‘hello bro’?

    Is this a clue of his hilly-billy incestuous relationships in the hills?

  10. michaelooi says:

    jen – Of course ler, a hate comment from a rustic bumpkin in my blog ain’t going to change the fact that Cameron still sucks donkey cock.

    vincent – Many signs dude. The inability to use a period, the unconventional use of nickname, the amusing misperception of ‘profanity is affected by oral hygiene’, etc. I’m sure everyone can tell.

  11. Calvin Tan says:

    Michael, you’re an asshole. But I like it!
    Ohh, by the way, cameron sucks, more than donkey cock.

  12. michaelooi says:

    Thanks and fuck you, Calvin.

  13. chuan says:

    Michael, u are not only 62% evil, but 99.9%!!
    But anyway, you have your rights to write whatever you want, no one could stop you. Dont give a shit for those shitty comments.

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