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April 29, 2010

my plan

You know, ever since people learned about me leaving Company X, I kept getting this same jerk-off question from around (mostly from the managers) :

So Michael, what is your plan after this?

The first thing that always comes into my mind is – you’ve got to be kidding me. What do they mean ‘what is my plan’? Isn’t it obvious enough? My plan is to fucking look for a job! What is wrong with you people!?

Of course I would never lash out at them like this. It’s never right to burn bridges. But I sometimes would give a sarcastic reply like – “I plan to become a monk and meditate all day”, and get a kick out of myself seeing them get uncomfortable.

Fucking feel good questions. Things that you can definitely do without. It’s only for morons who do not have the aptitude to even hold a decent conversation, but want to do it anyway.


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April 27, 2010

publicity whores

Ever heard of Earth Day? It happened a few days ago. If you haven’t heard of it before, well, it is a day where everyone gets the chance to act out the tree hugger side of themselves. During that one day, people would crawl out from whatever shithole that they have been dwelling in, and overtly recycle their stuff – just to show that they care for the environment.

That was what some of the managers in Company X did anyway. Wanting to be seen that they care. Publicity whores, I call them. I couldn’t have cared any less for this Earth Day, so I didn’t do anything at all. But what pissed me off was, the way these publicity whores acted all smug about what they did on that day. They’d look real busy, you know, doing hard labor packing up shitloads of paper and boxes to be recycled. Just like how they did the orange distribution work during Chinese New Year. I have about a couple of open issues which needed some managerial intervention for about a few months already, but that still hasn’t happened yet. These managers however, would provide more than enough ‘managerial intervention’ for that stupid Earth Day just like that. Publicity whores.

These bunch of jerk-offs, if they hadn’t used that fucking much of a paper, then they wouldn’t have so much paper to recycle in the first place. Everyone has an email account in Company X, and an instant messenger account as well. We have company issued USB flash drives, and also communal digital projectors in every single meeting room. There’s no reason to use a single sheet of paper in Company X at all. I haven’t printed anything for years in Company X (yes, believe it man). So doesn’t that make me better off than them? But not in their eyes. If I don’t recycle, then I must be fucked up. But why do I need to recycle if I don’t use paper? To their logic, recycling is synonymous to being environmentally conscious. Hell, can you imagine, what is left for them to do if they don’t have enough paper to recycle and show that they care? That’s why, they must first waste paper, and then recycle. Booyah!

I’ve seen this myself (blatant waste of paper) – there was once my team was required to attend a compulsory 15 minutes training consisted of 2 modules conducted by an environmental officer (the same spastic guy I wrote about here and here). There were only 3 of us. Guess what did the fucker use to mark our attendance? 2 sheets of A4 paper. 1 A4 paper for each training module. Just to mark the attendance for 3 pax. I was like, WTF?? When I asked him why can’t he just use a spreadsheet inside his notebook to track our attendance (yes, he brought his notebook for the training), he said it was their common practice to mark attendances with pen/paper. *facepalm*

Anyway, that is the deal with people like them. They do things everyday that is not congruent with the environment at all. In fact, they could very well be the main cause of the whole environmental decadence shebang. We’d definitely be better off without them. You know, they never carpool, they drive SUVs to work alone, they read real newspapers, print unnecessarily, etc. One of the lady managers had about 2 carts full of paper (and newspapers), and I saw her smugly pushing her carts out and basking in the publicity that she recycles. So the whole office was like, looking at these self indulgent individuals pushing carts after carts of their stash, making them feel important in process.

Publicity whores, not environmentally conscious people.

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April 22, 2010

Cameron Highlands comment

It has been some time since I received a hate comment/post. I received one early today in my Cameron Highlands post

#yourmother said: hello bro, U sure throwing a lot of those ‘F’ word as if U were born with it…
i read Ur review and it sucks as you do… what the hell with U anyway… the place sure has got nothing interesting but that doesn’t gives U right to write something like that…. every place is unique…by mean only some people could appreciate that… if this place is not ‘your type’ just simply don’t go… just go somewhere else…. oh ya…. U don’t have the money to go somewhere better… that is why U go to this place…. and talk bullshit about everything…. it is not the place is bad, it was U…. so i think U need to wash Ur mouth a bit harder… and stop the nonsense…. why am i writing this comment?? U not gonna approve it anyway…. like i care…. as long as my message get to U, it fine… i don’t think U had the gut to approve this anyway coz U are just an *S hole…

Here’s my reply to that person:

#michaelooi said:yourmother – Of course I have the rights to have an opinion and write something like this. From the way you wrote your comment, I can understand why you’re so charged up with what I wrote – It’s bcoz U’re a retarded *S hole. U need to kill Urself and die.

So, fuck you and your mother.

The guy’s probably a teenager who had some sentimental memories of that place (Cameron Highlands). The memories of him meeting his cousin (now wife) for the first time during a family gathering at the hills, and how he clumsily stroked her vagina with his nerdy hands while performing a ritual tribal dance to celebrate the birth of a black calf in his family vegetable farm.

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April 21, 2010

bitches who couldn’t drive

You wouldn’t believe how many bitches who couldn’t drive are working in Company X at any given moment. I personally don’t fucking know, but to give you an idea, there were no less than a dozen of accidents already in the parking lot alone (once with an ambulance summoned, I’m not shitting you). Probably even more. I have personally seen 3 of them, and all were female drivers.

They can be categorized into 4 major categories,

1) Bitches who don’t know how to stop-look-go.
You heard of that Mazda tagline ‘zoom zoom’ before? That’s what this group of bitches do when they come to an intersection. They’d zoom right through it without stopping or looking. Company X used to have 2x intersections more than it has today, thanks to a few accidents by this group, the management decided to barricade half the number of intersections to reduce the number of accidents in the parking lot (yes, believe it). And notwithstanding that, we employees still occasionally see some bitches getting into a car wreck in the parking lot.

2) Bitches who think the parking lot has a minimum speed limit of 110kph.
Speed demons with a cunt. They’d probably drive slower on a public road… I don’t know, but when it comes to Company X parking lot, they seem to have that urge to speed as if their pudendum is on fire and they need to put out the fire pronto. There was once, an employee was reversing out of a parking lot (after looking, of course) and a bitch was speeding from nowhere and crashed into that reversing car. The speeding car had to be towed away because it was in a total wreck.

3) Bitches who couldn’t park for shit.
The idea of parking a car is to fit the damn car into the rectangular box provided. This group of bitches would do the complete opposite. They’d park their cars all ways imaginable, to NOT FIT into the rectangular box. They’d park their car diagonally across 2 lots, over the outline, up on the divider, an inch close at the left but a meter wide at the right, you name it. I once even saw a lady driver wrecking her bumper in slow motion against the divider, with a car full of cronies laughing like hyenas inside. It was fucking disturbing.

4) Bitches who do not observe traffic flow.
Their intrinsic sense tells them, that if a terrain is flat enough for her tires to roll on, then it will be considered a drivable surface. They’d drive against the traffic flow, on places where cars are not allowed, across empty lots, etc. Remember the female engineer I used to have in my team? She got into an accident in her short 2 months tenure in Company X. How? She drove diagonally across the empty parking lot boxes and crashed into another on-coming vehicle. And countless of incidences before that I myself encountered – bitches driving against the traffic flow on my lane etc…


That is why, when I see a car with a female driver in proximity in Company X parking lot, I get very very anxious and cautious at the same time. It seems that I have developed this subconscious set of mechanism to protect myself from harm (from those crazy ass female drivers in Company X), pretty much like a mole rat being primordially territorial about its personal space… If a female driver were to invade my personal space, I’m gonna fucking dive and get hostile later.

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April 19, 2010

my new rig

Remember I said something about not having bought a computer since 1998? Well, I finally decided to rig myself one last week. Why? It’s because I’m about to leave Company X soon, and I won’t have a notebook no more.

I decided to share my config out here, just in case any of you is interested to rig one yourself and have no idea where to start.

Here are the stuff that I bought (note: this config is balanced between budget and performance. Took my amateur ass weeks to come up with this list. If you have the dough and you want powerful shit, don’t bother to continue.):

Processor – AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE [RM 620]
Intel processors are fucking expensive. Being somewhat in a tight budget, AMD is the one to go for me. AMD is definitely not as good as Intel, but it does not suck either. So I got myself a 965 (which is a quad core processor, comes with a stock heatsink/fan).

Heatsink/fan – Cooler Master Hyper TX3 [RM 60]
The stock heatsink/fan that comes with the AMD processor is very loud. I couldn’t stand the noise (it was like powering on a server), so I replaced the stock heatsink/fan with Cooler Master Hyper TX3 aftermarket heatsink/fan. This thing is next to silent and keeps the processor much cooler (5 – 6 degrees with load). Very happy with the purchase and would recommended it to anyone.

Motherboard – Gigabyte GA-770T-USB3 [RM 345]
Another thing good about getting an AMD processor is that I don’t have to spend too much on the MB as well. This board is a bargain board. It hasn’t got that Crossfire support since it only allows 1 video card, but it should be good enough as I do not plan to have multiple video cards (video cards are fucking expensive). And oh, this baby has the latest NEC USB 3.0 chip too, which is heaps faster than USB 2.0. This will come in handy in the future.

Memory – Corsair CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 4GB 1600MHz XMS3 DDR3 [RM 580]
It is a box set of 2 pcs 1600MHz 2GB memory module. A bit expensive but what the heck, it’s 1600MHz and has a lifetime warranty (also, the memory price skyrocketed recently). If I get any lower than this, I’ll be under utilizing what the board can do.

Video card – SAPPHIRE ATI RADEON HD 5770 128bit 1GB DDR5 [RM 570]
A friend says, “if your video card is cheaper than your motherboard, then something must be very wrong with your config”. I couldn’t agree more. This thing is like the passport for me to play some nice games. I initially wanted to get a 5850, but that thing is double the amount of money, and is best utilized on multi screens or big ass more-than-HD 30″ monitors. Since I intended to just get a 23″ HD monitor, I eighty six-ed the idea and got myself a 5770 instead. No regret.

Casing – Cooler Master Centurion 5 II RC 502-KWN1 [RM 205]
It’s a cool looking black colored medium ATX tower, but big enough for my rig. Comes with 4 ODD, 4 HDD bays and 2 system fans.

Power supply – Cooler Master GX 550W PSU [RM 270]
It’s a 550 watt and 85% efficiency PSU. Comes with a 5 year warranty and has a life expectancy up to 100,000 hours. Very solid piece of hardware.

Storage – Western Digital 16M 500GB – WD5000AAKS (blue) – 2 units [RM 350]
For HDD, it’s Western Digital or never. Why? That’s because they’re good shit. How do I know that? I’m presently a Hard Disk drive commodity quality engineer in Company X… so I know a little bit of stuff that most of you don’t. Also, I never fancy those high performance HDDs because they’re just too expensive, and I don’t feel it’s worth the money. If you have extra bucks to spend, you can go for Western D’s ‘black’ line of performance products.

ODD – LG 24X SATA Super Multi DVD-RW Drive [RM 88]
Just a normal DVD burner. Not going to use it a lot so I got myself a common one.

Display – ACER H233H 23″ HD monitor [RM 635]
Full HD monitor at 1920 x 1080 resolution. Comes with LED backlight and glossed screen (polarized, makes the colors sharper). Compared to my notebook screen, this thing makes me feel like I have just regained my eyesight after being blind for all my life.

Speaker system – Altec Lansing VS4121 [RM 240]
It’s just a 2.1 speaker system. I never use it. This is for my daughter who sometimes would come over to play some of the online Disney flash games. Got to have some audio to keep the little scoundrel happy.

Headphone – Sony MDR-Q68LW/B [RM 109]
High quality clip-on headphone to prevent ear fatigue because I use this everyday, sometimes even long hours (movie marathon). Been using Sony headphones for the past 10 years. They’re expensive but it’s worth the money.

Keyboard- Logitech New Touch 200 USB keyboard [RM 28]
The slimmest and most basic keyboard available to me.

Pointing device – Logitech USB optical mouse[RM 27]
The sales attendant recommended me a performance mouse called Razor something something. That thing costs over 100 bucks and basically has LEDs all over it like an Ah Beng mouse. I declined, of course, because it is stupid and opted for this basic Logitech mouse instead. Only 27 bucks and it gets the job done.

Total spent: RM 4127.

Pretty easy. Just follow the manual. I did a mistake of not following the manual because I thought I was smart enough and got 1 of the MB mounting screws fucked. So, just fucking follow the manual. The most challenging part for the installation will have to be the heatsink/fan mounting (for either the stock or aftermarket). Doing it requires some skills. The hooking mechanism for AMD processor is kinda stupid. Had to practice hooking a few times before applying thermal paste and did it for good. If you’re not confident with your ability, just get some of the Ah Bengs in some computer shop to do it for you, for a fee of course.

Awesome. There’s not a game that I can’t play. No problem in the graphics department at all. The only complain that I have is probably the onboard Realtek LAN driver. The driver fucked my connection twice already. Had to uninstall the driver to use generic Win 7 driver. Other than that, no complain.

Happy rigging.

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