March 29, 2010

the pocket plane of 2 worlds

Have you ever met someone who is so incompetent and useless that he can’t even carry out the simplest of task effectively? Simple task like, waiting tables? Well, I have. And I met that guy in Pizza Hut last weekend.

One thing about Pizza Hut – besides serving shitty food, the place is fast becoming a converging point of 2 worlds.
– The world of common folks like you and me,
– and the world of fucked up chodes who can’t seem to do anything else but being useless.

In other words, if you were to patronize a joint of Pizza Hut at any given time, chances of you stumbling into these creatures from another dimension plane will be a few thousand folds higher. That’s because Pizza Hut has the policy of hiring people who are marginally a couple IQ points from being a biological retard.

I went to a Pizza Hut (reluctantly) joint for dinner last weekend because my wife and I intended to spend off the 3 vouchers we had (never would have been there if it weren’t for the vouchers). When we reached there, we were greeted by this fish-eyed lad who had the uncanny resemblance of that Saiful Bukhary something something. He was the one who seated us and took our order.

When I was ready to make my order, I flagged Saiful over and ordered in English. Saiful listened intently, albeit still with that ‘spaced out’ look, until I finished telling him my orders. It was only then, he stuttered out something in BeeEm (Malay) and made me realize that the guy couldn’t understand a word of English! So I had to repeat my order in BeeEm, and again he listened intently, and again at the end, he asked me this (translated from BeeEm)

Saiful: “So, your pizza, do you want a regular sized pizza?”

I actually ordered a combo meal, which includes a regular sized pizza. Had it been a large or small pizza, it would have been a different combo meal.

Me: “I don’t know. You tell me. I ordered this particular combo meal here. What is the pizza size for this combo meal? Can you please check the menu?”

Saiful: “Regular.”

Me: “There you go.”

He had to deliberate for a short while before ambling to the kitchen to place my order. (let’s not even talk about how they got my order wrong…)

So, was that guy high on drugs, or was he simply being incapable of carrying out what his simple job requires? Or is the manager of that joint to blame for putting such incompetent person out in the front line? The guy should be put in the kitchen wiping plates… (but I’d be worried about him stuffing the pizza doughs into his anus).

Whatever it was, it sure wasn’t pleasant. Goddamn.

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10 Comments to “the pocket plane of 2 worlds”

  1. Quinn says:

    Adui Michael, kenapalah you saje it seems yang always kena serve my incompetent waiter???You have my sympathy really….

  2. frankie says:

    If you complain to Pizza Hut HQ, they will give you more vouchers for you to prolong this NEP, never ending pain in your life.

  3. Jeebs says:

    they seem to be hiring weirdos at pizza hut and kfc these days…

  4. michaelooi says:

    Quinn – I think it is my greatness, that tends to reduce mortals with weak Wisdom and Constitution.

    frankie – That’s why the experience ends up as a gripe in the blog here.

    Jeebs – Well, either that or we’re the weirdos.

  5. ShaolinTiger says:

    I fucking hate Pizza Hut in Malaysia, haven’t been there for at least 5 years and not planning on it either.

  6. JoJo says:

    now i only order the Domino delivery, and they are at least effective.

    i am just waiting Pizza Hut to become history.

    next time, perhaps when you visit to Pizza Hut, the waiter will ask you “Pizza Huh”?

  7. vincent says:

    Heh, you know how pizza hut has those salad stations with the soup pot…

    Once, I complained the soup they served me was cold. So the fella went to the same soup pot he scooped the soup from and served me another bowl of their cold soup. I had to teach him to switch on the heater on that pot and heat up my bowl in the oven/microwave

  8. Chichicha says:

    Spent too much time in the hut, sucked up tons of yeast into their brain – Yeast Fusion Reaction With Nueron Motor. If he was high on drugs, you would be busted right from the answer you gave “I don’t know, you tell me…..”

  9. infinitium says:

    i wouldn’t go to pizza hut even if it were a free meal. the pizzas taste like cardboard. gimme US Pizza or Domino’s anyday.

  10. lex says:

    well, we went to pizza hut and they were out of cheese.

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