March 26, 2010

men and pussies

I was talking to my colleagues about Tiger Woods this morning. I’m sure most of you have heard about his fiasco. If you haven’t, well basically, it was about him cheating on his wife. He had sexual relationship with a dozen (or more) of porn stars and whores. And when his secret was revealed by one of them (whores), he admitted everything, apologized with a somber look and decided to take a break from golfing with plenty of drama and shit.

I was saying, I don’t fucking understand why Tiger had to come out to say he’s sorry and all that. And also why he had to temporary take a break from golfing (although he’s set for a return now). What does having sex rampantly with random partners have to do with golf? Does a golf tournament have a prerequisite of restricting one to have only 1 legit relationship at any given time? Mind boggling.

If I were to be him, I’m going to be all smiley during the press conference, and probably dispensing high fives to all the blokes at the front row. I mean, he’s an adult. If he is man enough to cheat on his wife to have sex with porn stars and whores, for sure he’d be man enough to face the consequences. He shouldn’t have whimpered like a chicken shit and expressed sorrow. Was he sorry when he was humping them whores? I bet not.

He only owes the apology to his wife, and he can always do it privately away from all the attention. But having to cheat on her for whores, well… I’d say he already had an existing relationship problem, otherwise he wouldn’t have done that – so an apology might be unnecessary. As for the media, he should have spit on them – tell them that it’s his private matter and none of their fucking business. Sponsors pull out? Fuck them. The Tiger is rich enough. Besides, being such a stud, he can always solicit for other sponsors like condoms or fragrances for men.

The same goes to that Jack Neo. Such a pussy. It saddens me to see great men like them selling out their self esteem to convince the public that they’re good men after a filthy sex scandal. What a fucking lame and ironic way to ‘control handsome’.

If you can’t take it, then don’t do it. If you decided to do it, then do it all the way, do it like a man.

Oh, by the way – fuck Earth Hour.

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11 Comments to “men and pussies”

  1. clement says:

    men tend not to understand why rich men like fucking, but if we have the temptation they have…. i’d say…. line up and wait for your turn. lol. southpark have their take on that… include all the famous cheater, charlie sheen, bill clinton etc.

  2. Quinn says:

    Michael, I agree with the public apology thing. Jack Neo, Tigerwood and even Edison. They are all the same, so fake! All they need to do is to apologize to their spouse in private and if they are not forgiven, fuck it. What’s with the media and the whole world having to know about your apology???

    Earth hour, erm, we booked a table for dining out tomorrow cuz it’s the weekend and knowing this is Australia, I’ll be paying expensive meal tomorrow with no air-cond and light. Just candlelight dinner, so paleolithic! Just my opinion, I think Earth Hour is a good way to ‘create awareness’ though it really has no other benefits.

  3. michaelooi says:

    clement – You speak as if you’re not a man. LOL. Of course we (I) understand why they like fucking. Because fucking is fun. It’s just that I don’t understand why they’re only sorry after they got caught.

    Quinn – Still, fuck Earth Hour.

  4. ShaolinTiger says:

    Nah the issue with Tiger Woods is a PR failure not the cheating act itself, he was always portrayed as the good boy, family man, loving husband who retained his fidelity etc.

    Even though he was very open about his extra-marital affairs, they were covered up and brushed under the carpet.

    If everyone knew he was like that from the beginning like Ernie Els for example or the Brit footballers, there would have been no issues.

    Outcry only occurs when perception doesn’t match reality.

  5. clement says:

    its because they got caught. haha…. school should not implement sex education, it should implement… lessons on how not to get caught. ha ha….

  6. michaelooi says:

    Guys, let me share this gem here. This is from Vincent‘s status in FB.

    I cut my plant’s gas consumption by 1100 gigaBTUs – equivalent to lighting up 5.25 million 60W lightbulbs for 1 hr. There are thousands of engineers just like me. My point is – don’t be so narcisstic, “switching off lights” is more irrelevant than you think. As a corporate entity, if you really want to make a differenc…e, start a scholarship fund to train more awesome engineers

    He made the point. Period.
    I could choose to just flip off a switch in my 3 labs for 5 minutes, and that alone is equivalent to not lighting up my whole apartment block for an hour. But of course I’m not going to do that. Don’t be fucking silly.

  7. Nurseliew says:

    Hi Michael…. lets hear it from you. Would you do what Tiger did eventhough you are only 62 % famous… lol….. Enjoy reading your blog.

  8. nicholas says:

    because we’re all hypocrites and judgmental bastards/bitches.

  9. michaelooi says:

    Nurse – Wow, you have just ‘positioned me on a table’. If I’m Tiger, I won’t get married. I’d screw all the chicks and have kids, with no strings tied (like Al Pacino)

    nicholas – And the question is?

  10. EinsamSoldat says:

    It is abit disappointing that some ppl tend to compare Tiger with the Edison. Tiger just did what most rich man can do using $$$ to buy sex. In short “kann kay”. Edison is a legend able to pull those stuffs with some other stars and can take trophy in a form of videos and tape. WOW!!

  11. michaelooi says:

    I think the most legendary fucker is that Swami guy, you know, the witch doctor from India (or something like that)? He had been fucking around, and yet manage to get people to worship him! And when his beans were spilled, did he apologize? No. He just vamoosed. I tabik sama ini orang! He’s da man.

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