March 15, 2010

Cameron Highlands

I always had the impression that Cameron Highlands is the ‘tame’ version of Genting Highlands. You know, instead of theme parks and casinos, Cameron has farms and fresher air. A laid back place to relax and shit. That was what I experienced when I visited that place 11 years ago. Time was slow there, and things were simple.

But not anymore. Went there again last weekend, and discovered that the place has turned into a shithole. Cameron Highlands, like Genting Highlands, sucks donkey cock. Actually, it sucks even more than Genting Highlands.

Let me tell you why. I’m going to make this in point form.

1) Bad traffic. It has only 1 main (small 2 way traffic) road connecting between all the towns and commercial spots, and there are like, hundreds of thousands of vehicles there. As a result, you get a simulation of what happens when a woman flushes down her big piece of sanitary napkin down the toilet bowl – an overflow of shit all over. Laid back and relaxing? Not really. Traffic jam, lack of parking space, frustration and cusses? Yes. That’s not my idea of relaxation.

2) Lack of fun. In the scale of 1 – 5, with 5 being the best? I’d rate the fun factor as 0.5. There’s basically nothing there. Only stuff commonly found in any pasar malam or wet market, nothing unique. And another thing that I noticed was, the people there seem to be very gung-ho about their strawberries. You’d see strawberry themed merchandise every-fucking-where. Giant styrofoam figures, pillows, lamp covers, etc. It was as if they invented and introduced strawberry to the world. “I see strawberry also, I tulan” – quote from me.

3) Run down. The roads there suck. Full of potholes, pebbles and garbage. We went to the pasar malam in the evening, it was full of garbage as well. The public toilets, like Genting Highlands, are a true reflection of our Malaysian hygiene. Filthy as hell. But they’re much worse than Genting because you have to actually fucking pay to go into their shitty toilet! The parking’s free though, if that’s any consolation to anyone… and not many of them around.

There you go. Some people say, Cameron Highlands is a great place to host gatherings with friends or relatives. I don’t know about that but, if it is the company of people that makes one enjoy an event, then why can’t that person do it somewhere nearer, cheaper or more convenient? It doesn’t fucking make any sense. Maybe I’m just hard to please and being pain in the ass, I don’t know. But it was really dumb of me – that’s for sure – to expect things to be exactly like how it was 11 years ago.

To make it short, it’s a boring place. The only thing nice is probably the tea plantation scenery there. But if you were to ask me, I’d say it’s not worth the trouble to go all the way up there.

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20 Comments to “Cameron Highlands”

  1. Quinn says:

    Haha Michael, only you can make Cameron Highland sound so shitty. It’s really not that bad. Did you bring lil’ Regine to the butterfly park? It’s pretty cool though, that’s the only place I remember plus the tea plantation scenic views.

  2. Eric says:

    Aiyah, Cameron Highlands got nothing to show anymore. It’s now exactly as you described. Only place worthwhile seeing is the Sg Palas Plantation with the view. Last visit there was 10 years ago, when it was still ‘good'; been hearing horror stories abt it from friends since then. Better go Genting la.

  3. michaelooi says:

    Quinn – Penang has its own butterfly farm ler. Nearer and better. And yes, I have brought Regine there before, no need to go until Cameron. Check out one of my pics here.

    Eric – Genting sucks lah. I’ve written about it here.

  4. MJ says:

    How about Frasers?

  5. KC says:

    Beg to differ.
    Was up there for a few days last year during off peak season. Traffic was light. It did help that we had a local friend as host and she made one kickass of scones!

  6. i couldn’t agree with you more.
    on top of that, everything up there is stale.

  7. Caroline says:

    Their supposedly ‘famous’ scones in one of the town *don’t remember which town* ain’t that great either. (don’t know if you’ve heard of it)

  8. michaelooi says:

    MJ – No idea. Never been there.

    KC – So, everyone from out of town should have a host at Cameron Highlands to be able to enjoy themselves? Hopefully one with the ability to bake kick ass scones? Good tips.

    thoughtlessbrainiac – Well, I didn’t eat anything there, except for a pack of grape tomatoes and some ‘corn in a cup’, both of which I thoroughly enjoyed. (but they weren’t good enough to brighten up my day)

    Caroline – No ler… all I know is the whole place either reeked of fertilizer, or diesel fume. Maybe I was at all the wrong places.

  9. mott says:

    I think the to rent one of those old bungalows, that comes with cook and cleaner. Spend the holiday there with another family, playing cards/mahjong, going for hikes, kill leaches, hunt sarsaparilla root…no going into town or travelling by car.

    that’s how I did it then.. that was really relaxing.

  10. michaelooi says:

    mott – My idea of a relaxing activity – Find a bunch of madcap friends. Arm ourselves with a sharp tool. Go to a mall parking lot. Find a car with Ah Beng modification (wings, big exhaust pipe, turbo stickers, etc). Scratch car. Laugh. Move to another Ah Beng car.

  11. Went to cameron highlands for a night to meet up with some friends. Since staying in London with cool climate, Cameron was just a stop over after some hot weather in Penang. To my surprise, Cameron was a fucking slum running over with idiots wearing thick winter clothes because it is cold. The jam was madness and the air was filthy with diesel fumes and chicken shit smell. Never shall I go back there again. I think the next development will be on Fraser Hill or Bukit Tinggi… Genting has been a shithole since it opened.

  12. michaelooi says:

    DV – Fuck no man. If I want cold, I’d stick to air con in a room next time. No more of those highlands-highlands or bukit-bukit.

  13. Quinn says:

    OMG Michael! That pic of butterfly you showed me, it’s stunning! Did you took that with an DSLR or was it the natural lightning? So sharp and bright! Maybe you should go to islands instead you know Michael. Perhentian Island is a must go, I assure you!

  14. michaelooi says:

    Quinn – No it was taken with Canon Powershot G11. My dSLR went dead on me. Yeah, very stunning. That camera’s something, ain’t it?
    I’ve been to Perhentian/Redang many years back. It was one the most memorable places I’ve ever been (despite being an impromptu arrangement to go there and too shit poor to pay for an accommodation.)

  15. Arkane says:

    Don’t go during the hols lah. Who ask u to go and cramp with all the holiday makers at this kind of touristy spots ?

  16. cheehan says:

    Visit Kinabalu National Park someday. It will be much better..

  17. t0ts says:

    Cameron Highlands has been on the decline esp for the past 15 yrs onwards.

    Traffic has gotten worse with 2 ends of cameron highlands having more input/out sources of traffic. North side now opens up to highways from kelantan side as well as the simpang pulai(perak). Southern side has roads from Tapah(perak) and a new road towards raub(pahang) . But the main roads connecting the major towns still remain a two lane (one up, one down) hence the awesome traffic. Hence the awesome traffic issue.

    Lack of fun -> The fun used to be for the fact that it was cold, and there were unique insects/wildlife/plants to see. Nowadays u dun get that unless on a tour…

  18. yourmother says:

    hello bro, U sure throwing a lot of those ‘F’ word as if U were born with it…
    i read Ur review and it sucks as you do… what the hell with U anyway… the place sure has got nothing interesting but that doesn’t gives U right to write something like that…. every place is unique…by mean only some people could appreciate that… if this place is not ‘your type’ just simply don’t go… just go somewhere else…. oh ya…. U don’t have the money to go somewhere better… that is why U go to this place…. and talk bullshit about everything…. it is not the place is bad, it was U…. so i think U need to wash Ur mouth a bit harder… and stop the nonsense…. why am i writing this comment?? U not gonna approve it anyway…. like i care…. as long as my message get to U, it fine… i don’t think U had the gut to approve this anyway coz U are just an *S hole….

  19. michaelooi says:

    yourmother – Of course I have the rights to have an opinion and write something like this. From the way you wrote your comment, I can understand why you’re so charged up with what I wrote – It’s bcoz U’re a retarded *S hole. U need to kill Urself and die.

    So, fuck you and your mother.

  20. maysee says:

    Your girl is super-adorable in your album.. Just wanna pinch her “pipi”

    Cameron Highlands is in decline as always, over-farmed,overdeveloped like no one’s business.

    Your comment is rough, but nothing speaks better than all those honest words.


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