March 1, 2010

Mike the waiter

Manager approaches Mike the waiter, who is working on something at the restaurant,

Manager: “Mike, just wanted to let you know that I’ve fired Arun the janitor. In case you’re wondering why he doesn’t show up today…”

Mike: “What?? Why did you do that?”

Manager: “Cost reduction initiatives. He has to go.”

Mike: “Then who is going to sweep the joint, clean up the toilets and empty the trash cans everyday?”

Manager: “Errr, you mean, he had been doing all that?”

Mike: “Don’t you know that? He’s also the sole person in-charge of washing the dishes.”

Manager: “Oh crap… I didn’t know that… Can you guys cover his job then?”

Mike: “Then who’s going to wait the tables? You, Manager?”

Manager: “Hmmm let me think this through… I’ll get back to you on this…”

An hour later…

Manager: “I think I have plan. We sub-contract the janitorial job out to a third party service, how’s that?”

Mike: “So, you fired the janitor, and now you want to sub-contract out his chores to a third party service?”

Manager: “What’s wrong with that?”

Mike: “Don’t you reckon that it’s still way cheaper and easier to hire back Arun for this?”

Manager: “No it’s our HR policy. We can’t get Arun back once he is out. And our headcount is frozen, we can’t hire a new one either. We have to stick to the plan. I’m going to assign you this project. It will be a good opportunity for you to improve yourself.”

Stress veins start to pop up on Mike’s head. He removes his apron, and lunges at the manager. Then he uses the apron to strangle the manager till he is choking for breath and takes out one of his handy ball point pen, and repeatedly stabs the manager in the face until he is no longer moving.

Mike the waiter then lives happily and peacefully ever after inside the prison.

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5 Comments to “Mike the waiter”

  1. Eric says:

    Is this:
    1) Part of your new exploration into fantasy writing,
    2) You are venting off some left-over steam from Company X, or
    3) You are actually writing from Dato’ Keramat Prison?

  2. kumar says:

    Aha, that’s so like Company X…

  3. EinsamSoldat says:

    Competence is not in the Restaurant manager’s dictionary :P

  4. michaelooi says:

    Caroline – -10 for humanity.

    Eric – Neither, dude.

    kumar – Yeah, there are many janitors and managers in Company X. The similarities…

    EinsamSoldat – Obviously.

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