February 11, 2010

CNY rant

I don’t understand why Company X management likes to give out mandarin oranges during CNY. They’d order a truck of those crappy mandarin oranges – which taste like a can of paint – and have a bunch of its high level employees wasting the whole day, just to coordinate the distribution of those cheebye oranges.

I was pissed because one of them had to excuse himself from attending a meeting of mine to participate in the so called 1Malaysia spirit to distribute the oranges in the office. Like we’re all dying to eat the fucking oranges. It was mind boggling to see execs like that lowlife of a scumbag giving priority to this trivial matter over a potential million dollar deal.

And what’s even more fucked up, was after a whole day’s work of being busy doing real work, I was greeted by this mound of oranges on my office desk. There were 4 different types of them, and about a dozen in quantity. Half of them, came without a plastic bag or a holder. In other words, I can’t fucking carry all of them home unless I can find a plastic bag, which I can’t, or if I have 2 extra hands. So the bunch of soggy headed motherfuckers must be expecting us employees to hoover at least half a dozen of those crappy tasting oranges in the office to boost our productivity, until the number’s good enough for us to handcarry them out.

Why can’t they just fucking give us a 5 ringgit angpow instead? They would have saved all the trouble ordering, transporting and distributing those goddamn oranges! Fucking idiots.

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13 Comments to “CNY rant”

  1. frankie says:

    Mike, it is a symbolic gesture. Giving out ‘kums’ symbolise giving out ‘golds’ you know this pretty well and as it also provide ‘cheap thrills’ for those who give and lord over us for the rest of the fucking year.

  2. Eric says:

    Throw the whole bunch into the super-juicer (with skin & seeds) & serve it to the flers lor.

  3. Arkane says:

    I second that. Or alternatively they could give you guys a treat in some restaurant instead of giving oranges.

  4. Elaine says:

    You should write them a memo about the oranges.

  5. XiuXiuWong says:

    hey mike, is the symbol of fortune and good luck…

    anyway, be happy! and have a properous CNY!!

  6. michaelooi says:

    frankie – If they really wanted me to have all the fortune and luck, they wouldn’t have fucked with my future by cutting off the budget and shit.

    Eric – Unfortunately, that’s too much work to my standard. I’d probably jam some orange peels in their notebook CPU fan…

    Arkane – The last time I had a treat in a restaurant from Company X management, was an event for 40 heads, crammed into 2 tables and with shitty food. No thanks. Angpow is good enough. 5 bucks, I’d have enough to enjoy a satisfying lunch with my members…

    Elaine – Yeah… a memo… in the form of ammonia through their monitor vents.

    XiuXiuWong – You know what’s the real symbol of fortune? –> $$$. Btw, that avatar picture of yours? Not cute. Don’t do that. The pouting I mean…

  7. 2Damage says:

    my CM here, Company F do exactly the same thing. And those “Anjing Liar” so busy preparing the mandarin oranges and no one is looking at the line fallout and issue. Fxxx.

    Happy Chinese New Year to you and family!!!

  8. jen says:

    yea right, $$$ is the symbol of fortune instead of those oranges :)))

  9. MT says:

    Of course they cannot give you RM5! That’s like… giving so much money to the coolies! Better to buy some sub-standard oranges for RM5 a box or something, give to the coolies, then claim it from the head company expenses as “goodwill gesture for employees for Chinese New Year” and charge them RM50 per box…


  10. Hawk says:

    What do your colleagues think about it? If no one really likes it, you can use the oranges to start a little office war :) I’m sure they’ll rethink giving out oranges once they see the mayhem of splattered oranges on the walls :P

  11. michaelooi says:

    2Damage – Hey man, happy CNY to you and Spark too!

    jen – It’s the universal fact

    MT – I believe this is what’s happening right now.

    Hawk – If only we can do that…

  12. woody says:

    Even a mere RM2 angpao is good enough. But you must remember, that will put many worthless people out of job. (They did not get to write down their year end accomplishment of being the champion of orange logistic and distribution project)
    Not to mention, someone mentioned about the $$$ behind.

    How dare you trying to obsolete someone’s yearly must have accomplishment.

  13. littleComma says:

    Hhahahah .. ! Mike, mike .. Happy Chinese New Year to you and your family !

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