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January 4, 2010

Miss A

I recently had a conflict of opinion with some of my female colleagues about a certain person in the company – Miss A (a young but ugly female exec who looks like a cross between a she-male and a he-female, and everything else in between).

In my opinion, this Miss A is a vile motherfucking bitch, who was abusive to her fiance (who is also someone I know). My female colleagues however, disagree with me, and think that she’s an angel. They seem to have that impression that I have a prejudice against her because I do not know her well enough like they do, and that it is all a shallow misunderstanding.

Well, I don’t know about that. I have seen with my own eyes how wretched and nasty this Miss A could get. I doubt that ‘getting to know her better’ could change a modicum of my original opinion about her. To me, this is as senseless as saying – you’d think that clubbing baby seals is not really that bad if you learn how to appreciate it well enough. Trust me people, once you have seen what I’ve seen, you’d be in my boat even if Jesus Christ vouches for that bitch.

So what have I seen that was so horrible?

It was an incident at a friend’s house. We were having a gathering that night, and the ladies chatted inside the house while the blokes – including Miss A’s fiance and myself – hung out at the patio. It all went well until somebody gave a blood curdling scream. It was Miss A. Thinking that this could be an emergency, some of us went in to check out what was going on. It appeared that Miss A had spilled her glass of water on the coffee table, and that was why she screamed. She was screaming her fiance’s full Chinese name in the most bizarre fashion – LIM AH KAUUU !!! (Not his real name of course. I changed it to protect his innocence, you get the idea.)

I was like, totally dumbfucked and wanted to ask what was her problem. But I didn’t. That was because I did not want to get involved in anything to do with her. Coincidentally, Lim Ah Kau wasn’t around. He was away to his car to collect some stuff and didn’t hear her screaming. So, she got even more crossed and screamed even louder (in Mandarin) – LIM AH KAUUUU!!! WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?? This went on for about 10 – 15 seconds in the presence of bewildered colleagues, until Lim Ah Kau finally showed up.

Lim Ah Kau : “What’s going on dear?” [looking startled]

It was unbelievable. If I were to be in Lim Ah Kau’s shoes, I would have yelled back at her “SO?? FUCKING WIPE THE MESS UP ALREADY, BITCH!!” and fucking dump her ass right there and then for being such a massive cunt. I was so fucking pissed off. But Ah Kau went on ahead to get some serviettes and cleaned the mess up. But I could tell that he was suppressing all the shit inside, and I was right. About a few months after that, Lim Ah Kau finally dumped Miss A. We celebrated the event in a club with plenty of drinking.

To us guys, he certainly had made the right decision. It would be suicidal to marry that bitch. Dumping her was the only right thing to do (if not kill her). But sadly, that was not what the girls think. The girls think that Lim Ah Kau is wrong to dump Miss A post engagement, because according to them, this will take a heavy toll on her reputation as a female and it would be difficult for her to find another mate. My female colleagues didn’t even so much to think of, why the relationship failed in the first place. Let’s not even delve on, why should Lim Ah Kau forgo his own self esteem to protect Miss A’s, or why is he made accountable for her inability to find another mate… (trust me, she has bigger problems to worry about than her fucking reputation). All they offered was – ‘you’d understand that Miss A is an angel if you know her better like us’. Even better than Lim Ah Kau has ever known I suppose. Well, that Miss A can go fuck herself then… because no one is going to do that.

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