January 22, 2010

what have i learned? – 03

FYI, my VSS application has been approved by the management of Company X. But I will only leave the company at the end of July. So, I have about six months hanging in the office. Long way to go, and plenty of stuff to clean up.

Anyway, I managed to squeeze some time to shirk off and thought it would be fitting for me to continue what I started a couple years back – on what I have learned from my work in Company X… [to continue from this post – “what have i learned? – 02″]

Lesson 06: An ally is more useful than an enemy
A person, no matter how incompetent or abominable, is more useful to you if he’s your ally, than becoming your enemy at work. Being your ally, that person will be more inclined to help you, to give you opportunities and in some really bizarrely rare cases, even sacrifice for you. The worst thing, not doing anything at all. But if that person were to become your enemy, that person will be more than glad to get the opportunity to see you fall or stick a knife behind your back. So it doesn’t take a very intelligent person to figure out what’s the better deal here – get yourself an extra ally, or an enemy.

I’ve learned this many times before, because I started as a very bad tempered person. Burnt many bridges. That was a mistake. (still occasionally make mistakes today. Can’t help it. Being nice is a bitch. But I’m controlling it.) Never ever burn bridges. That’s because you do not work at the same place all your life doing the same thing, and reporting to the same boss. Those bridges that I burnt (shitloads of them), may very well be the ones that I needed to use to cross chasms and raging rivers in the future. And you’ll never know if the idiot you just swore as your enemy, could potentially be your boss one day (as I have seen stuff like this happened before). So why take the chances? Just keep your shit together, it goes a long way.

Lesson 07: You are dispensable
You might think you’re the Chosen One, and no one else can do your job but you. Well, if you have a functioning vagina and a dick long enough to fuck yourself in your own cunt, you could be right. Otherwise, you’re delusional. There’s nothing in your workplace that no one else can do. Ergo, there’s no reason for you to be a total dick and act snooty all over, simply because you’re overly complacent about your position in the organization. Remember, you’re just a small pawn in a big functioning system. You’re hired to do the job. If you won’t do it because you think your dick is too big, there are always others out there waiting to take your place, and your boss will not hesitate to make that replacement.

I’m just glad that I am never that type of person. I never get pricky with my job. I can get pricky with other stuff, but never over my job. But I have seen people in Company X act difficult simply because they think their job is important and indispensable. Now that is just wrong. From my 13 years experience with Company X, I’ve never seen anyone whose job and position is indispensable. Even a CEO could get axed in as short as a week’s time. Always present yourself well, learn how to adapt… for nothing is safe and permanent.

Back to work.

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7 Comments to “what have i learned? – 03”

  1. ShaolinTiger says:

    Good luck with your new future bro.

  2. jen says:

    so are you getting any bonus since you’re leaving?

  3. Seremban Engineer says:

    Good luck Michael! Update us what is your direction after Company X.

  4. chichicha says:

    And yet there is a manager in my company who is just hit her retirement age last year and got 3 years extension which make her feels she is a truly motherfucker hardcore indispensable employee! Title manager but start acting like a GM. Mahai!!

    What’re you going to do with your shit load 100k++ VSS sum??

  5. michaelooi says:

    ST – Thanks.

    jen – Some.

    Seremban – Direction aa? Always upwards kua…

    chichicha – Gonna use the moolah to pay off the remaining of the mortgage, the balance – investment.

  6. Ann says:

    Good luck in your future undertakings.

  7. the politicians' boss says:

    I am not interested in your fucking life or career.

    I am more interested in how you can fuck more into all those incompetent politicians in Penang.

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