January 20, 2010


Think you have the worst boss in the world? Wait till you read this (this was told to me by a friend, attested by a few more of my friends who work in the same office):

There’s this lanky guy whom I know. Let’s call him Ah Boo (not his real name). He’s a manager for the company he works for. Under him, are a few engineers, amongst them, is the friend who told me this story.

Now this Ah Boo, is a well known philandering married man. He’d fuck anything that breathes, and he’s not afraid to let everyone know it (well, except his mean ass wife, of course). However, his carnal escapades are only confined to the females, and he’s not a bi. So, he’s pretty much a straight guy. But unfortunately, his indifference to his own self esteem and big mouth one day misfired and sent the wrong message to his boss – a Korean guy who goes by the name Jung.

Jung, being somewhat bored in this conservative hot hellhole of a country, summoned Ah Boo alone into the office pantry one fine afternoon in pretext of discussing something important. Ah Boo unsuspectingly walked into Jung’s trap. Once Ah Boo was in the pantry, Jung suddenly broke his calm into this epileptic seizure of sorts, and started to dance like Michael Jackson in front of Ah Boo… you know, the moonwalk, crotch grab, woo hoo and shit. Ah Boo was of course, dumb-fucking-fucked, because he had never seen anyone did that in front of him before, especially a high ranking director in his organization. Jung continued to dance like Michael Jackson for quite a while before he finally stopped, gave out a satisfying flirtatious smirk and left Ah Boo startled in the pantry.

When the bizarre encounter was told to the rest of the colleagues, none of them knew what the fuck was that all about. But all of them agreed – that was the freakiest shit ever. I told my friend, it’s probably a mating ritual dance and not a good sign. It’s not normal when someone privately dances like Michael Jackson in front of a guy. If that were to happen to me, I’m going to probably beat the crap out of that faggot Korean to a pulp out of sheer reflex. It’s disturbing to the core and should never be tolerated.

But Ah Boo decided not to do anything about it, and decided to live with it. His mistake. That was only the beginning. From then on, Jung got bolder and started to harass Ah Boo overtly. So far, I have heard about Ah Boo getting pinched in the nipples, dry humped in front of his bewildered colleagues, fondled around in the office and even asked to apply ointment on his ass (I know, this is getting unbelievable). God knows what else happened that we do not know of, which Ah Boo’s probably going to bring with him to his grave.

Ah Boo is still working in the same company though, still with Jung smirking behind his shadows somewhere. Probably getting sexually assaulted as I am writing this. Not sure if he ever thought of reporting to the authorities or consider leaving the company. Maybe he actually enjoyed it, I don’t know. But the key idea is, I want you guys to know that there’s such creepy ass boss in existence, and this is not something you only get to see on TV. So, the next time you think that you have the worst boss in the world, think again.

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11 Comments to “Jung”

  1. Caroline says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m rendered speechless! Holy Crap!! Jung reminds me of my ‘gay’ manager.

  2. mott says:

    fuyoh…. he really reaped what he ..err. sown. good on ah boo!!!

  3. Quinn says:

    Now I’m scared to be working under a crazy boss like that. Seriously….what the fuck is wrong with Jung??? Is he retared or something? And pinching nipples? Ewww…..it’s disgusting. He should file a complain, what’s he waiting for???

  4. Jung humped the Boo. (or the Revenge of the Ghost of Michael Jackson)

    No, no. Let him stay and by all means keep him in there. This will make the rest of the World safer. Call it Karma.


  5. michaelooi says:

    caroline – It’s actually not that bad if a person’s just gay. But this is just so… John Wayne Gacy!

    mott – For a moment there, I thought you said he ‘raped’ Ah Boo… LOL

    Quinn – Escapes me. That’s why I said Ah Boo probably enjoyed the attention…

    CFC – Yeah, that was what I said too. I told my friend to suggest Ah Boo spend a few nights with Jung, to keep the beast content…

  6. jen says:

    hmm, i rather being sexually harrassed instead of mentally tortured by my mfk superior

  7. EinsamSoldat says:

    I guess the best decisive that he should bend over for the betterment of his future as well as an example to female colleagues of how to get promoted. Just a little sacrifice he gets what he wants.

  8. michaelooi says:

    jen – You must be horny.

    EinsamSoldat – Last I heard, Ah Boo’s marked for retrenchment by the management. I guess he didn’t bend low enough…

  9. cLiu says:

    har har har? r u serious? i just can’t close my jaw even after finish reading it.

  10. woody says:

    Interesting tale, Ah Boo still there and won’t run.. yup, no doubt, usually for someone like ah boo, probably has no decent skill at all to be sitting where he is sitting now, if he drops the ball and leave, he probably cannot find similar job of same perks, just too much to lose.
    I do not see ah boo as someone of intelligent too, if that happened, is probably best way to apply some spy technology, get it documented and send the director back to his home country , sue the company big time for millions, then retired to some secluded place for few year, or just shipped the director back, and take over his position..

    But for Ah Boo, doubt that will happen, perhaps one day he himself will do it to others too, something like Stockholm syndrome.

    This phenomena is well observed in some Asian women, once in their younger days, they were bullied badly by their mother in law, but when they grow older and become mother in law themselves, they started the game too on their son’s wife, kind of orgy to keep the vicious cycle going..


  11. michaelooi says:

    for the record, woody, as dumb as Ah Boo can be, he makes more than 100k per annum… mahai

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