December 23, 2009

drug addict

I was having my lunch with my family at a food court in a mall, when a Malay chick at a table next to ours accidentally spills her cup of iced chocolate on the floor. Then the janitor came (an old guy in his 60s), but that guy didn’t do anything about the spill. He just looked on, seemingly amused with the whole thing…

“Isn’t that guy suppose to wipe this up?” my wife whispered to me.

“I have no idea. Maybe he’s waiting for that lady to clear the table first.” I remarked.

But he wasn’t. He was actually scheming on something. With a smirk, the old janitor then went off to summon another scrawny guy to do the job. From the first glance of that scrawny guy, I could tell that he was a drug addict. His actions were slow, and he wasn’t in his healthy color. And the next thing I noticed was, the scrawny guy was getting yelled at by the janitor, even before doing the job. And then throughout the mopping, he was constantly being screamed at and even insulted with the foulest of words by the old guy janitor.

It was pretty disturbing, actually. Scrawny guy was doing the thing right – he brought a mop to clean the spill, but he got yelled at by the janitor for just doing that. He was a bit slow and stim stim, yes, but that still does not warrant for him to be yelled at. Time is not a critical factor for anyone in this case. This is clearly a discrimination. The scrawny guy was discriminated by a much older guy, even for doing his shit right, just because he’s a drug fucking addict.

I don’t know you guys but, I don’t think this is right. You don’t yell at people because of his background or identity. So fucking what if he’s a drug addict and he’s using his wage to buy his next fix? Just as long as he gets his job done, right? But apparently, some people are just full of shit like that. They set a perception of you based on your background, identity and affiliations – not on your ability get the job done. Alas, this happens in all levels of our society. People getting marginalized for the wrongest shit reasons, and no matter what you do, you are always someone’s ‘drug addict’ in this judgmental society. And it is even sadder for me to know that my child is going to grow up seeing all these filth in humanity that make us no different than a pack of wolves.

After mopping the floor, the drug addict went ahead to pour himself a mug of coffee, and retired behind a fire exit door, hiding himself from the public view and humiliation.

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6 Comments to “drug addict”

  1. U-Jean says:

    I would think of this more as hate rather then discrimination. Like hate crime.

    Minorities such as transsexuals and cheap foreign workers get the all the time.

    It’s sad because no matter what our backgrounds are, we’re all humans and we deserved to live with dignity irregardless of our gender, sexual preference, nationality, or social class.

  2. Quinn says:

    I agree with you Michael when you say no one should get yelled at like that purely by judging his or her background or identity but do you agree with me that management shouldn’t have hired a drug addict to work there in the first place??? Addicted to drug is just so wrong and he should be in a rehab seeking help!

  3. Eva says:

    Old bastard just thinks that he’s better off cos “at least I’m not a drug addict.” Well, he can go screw himself with that attitude. Isn’t it amazing how some losers enjoy picking on those deemed as “worse off” so that they can have the slightest sense of self-worth.

  4. michaelooi says:

    U-jean – I tend to think the word ‘hate’ as more personal (I don’t know, I might be wrong)… i.e. you hate a person for being what he is. Whilst discrimination is more general. i.e. drug addicts/homosexuals/[stereotypes]. Very fine line of difference there… (again, I might be wrong)

    Quinn – That’s exactly my point. If they don’t like drug addicts, why hire him in the first place, and then to bust his balls later?

    Eva – I’m not surprised that the drug addict would someday say ‘alright, fuck everyone and everything’ and go rob an old lady or something (instead of sticking with that shitty job…)

  5. Alya says:

    If they didn’t hire him, they could be sued.

    Additionally, if he’s been in prison at all they’re possibly getting a tax break for hiring an ex-con.

  6. michaelooi says:

    Alya – Getting sued? Highly unlikely. A drug addict not getting a janitorial job won’t sue. Not especially in Malaysia. Besides, one can always reject a job application on the grounds that the guy is not suitable for the job, rather than citing he’s a drug addict… you get what I mean?

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