December 13, 2009

Nazri FTW

Is it just me or what… that I think this Nazri guy is AWESOME? Here’s a snippet of the Last Samurai dicing some cab drivers with his katana…

Nazri slams cab association
PETALING JAYA: Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has hit out at a taxi association which is demanding that he apologises for his remarks about errant taxi drivers.

The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department said he was merely stating facts when he said that tourists listed errant taxi drivers as their worst complaint in a recent survey.

“Previously, tourists listed dirty toilets. But now, their number one complaint is errant taxi drivers.

“Even the public cannot stand errant taxi drivers,” he said when contacted yesterday.

On Friday, Executive Taxi Owners Association of Malaysia chairman Azmi Md Yatin demanded that Nazri apologise for stating that the attitude of bad taxi drivers was worse than filthy toilets.

“They should check their facts first. They did not even attend my meeting.

“Why should they be angry? I was talking about errant taxi drivers. Good taxi drivers will not be affected by what I said,” he said.

Nazri said they would not compromise with errant taxi drivers who were becoming a bane.

“Refusing to use the meter, charging exorbitant prices and declining to take passengers are some of the bad behaviours irking both tourists and public alike.

“We will not tolerate their attitude and urge the public to report such cases to us so that we can take immediate action,” he added.

As for Azmi’s action in sending a memorandum of protest to the Prime Minister, Nazri joked:

“Why don’t they suggest in the memorandum that the Prime Minister drops me as a minister?”

“Whatever they do, we will not back down against errant taxi drivers,” he said.

Earlier in Kuala Kangsar, after launching a new bus by General Omnibus Sdn Bhd, Nazri described the protest memorandum as “a stupid move.”

I’m surprised that these lowlife taxi drivers didn’t suggest in the memorandum to demolish all the public toilets in Malaysia – so that they won’t be as wretched as ‘worse than filthy public toilets’ (because no more public toilet maa), but just whatever that is presently third on the list.

By the way, what the fuck’s with submitting memorandum nowadays? Our PM must be so busy reading memorandums, that he does not have enough time to appreciate Rosmah’s hair. Like candle light vigils, I think submitting memorandums is being grossly overused. So yesterday. Think of something new lah. Like burning their own taxi cab to attract attention, for example.

Jokes aside, being ‘worse than filthy public toilets’ is probably an understatement. An errant taxi driver is worse than whatever that’s being flushed down those toilets. Not only they piss off people, but sometimes they endanger the safety of the public as well. A good percentage of them drive recklessly, behave like thugs and even involved in vice trade (a friend was once asked by a KL taxi driver if he would like some foreign prostitutes for company). And this is as wretched as it can be, and it warrants for something to be done about them.

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