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November 2, 2009

no I’m not

My colleagues and I have been discussing about someone in Company X who climbed the corporate ladder too damn fast, again. This time, I was prompted to think for myself, what could I have done to be like that person. You know, grow faster… have a faster journey to the top… shits like that. The thought required me to get out of my character, and look at myself as a second person. I immediately identified one key area that could have been the factor that weighted my position stagnant like an fucking anvil – sociability.

I have to admit this fact that I’m not a very sociable person. No I am not an antisocial. It’s just that given the chance, I prefer to be alone. I don’t like to be with people whom I don’t know. I like to be with myself. I enjoy my own company. I don’t like attentions. Strangers talk to me when I’m on the plane all the time and I hated that. When I am about to go into the elevator? I won’t hold for other people, or I would just wait until it is empty so that I can be by myself. When I dine alone in the workplace cafeteria, I secretly wish that no one joins my table. I don’t participate in social gatherings (except within my own circle of close friends) and I don’t like crowded places.

Because I am like that, I get less exposure to people who might be important to me, or at least important enough to give me an opportunity for the next step in my career. It is an undeniable fact that having more allies in the working world is essential. Think of allies like the number of sex you have and your success as the baby you conceive. The more times you plow your partner in a shorter span of time, the better your odds are to get your partner pregnant. Ergo, more allies, more doors of opportunities. This is where I fail. Coupled with the fact that I can be such an asshole sometimes (especially to those whom I think are of less intelligence), I literally sealed my own fate myself. I get that much less of a shot than a person who is more sociable and capable of sucking cocks of any size and color.

But I’m just being myself. I can’t help but be myself.

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