November 30, 2009

parasitic see lai’s

I recently came to know from an old friend about a certain ‘see lai‘ (a housewife) who remarked about my blog being too ‘whiny’ and querulous. Always complain about this, always complain about that. And that she hated guys like me, who is rude and a consummate asshole. It was so serious, that she had to BAN her husband from reading my blog (on top of banning him from playing computer games)… because apparently, I could be of bad influence to her husband and subsequently, I presume, affect her marriage.

But then the strange thing is, she still reads my blog. Maybe not everyday but, occasionally. Why? I have no idea. Maybe it gives her the sense of being able to snoop behind enemy lines and unravel the mystery of men’s mind. Maybe she thought that by reading the stuff I wrote here, she could be best prepared of the possible undoings that her husband might be able to plot… and she could always be one step ahead to preempt any potential fuck ups.

I wonder what kind of a wretched person would do that to her husband (ban him from playing games, reading blogs, etc). What makes her think she has the right to do that. I wonder how would the bitch feel if her husband were to ‘ban’ her from going shopping or visit the pedicure/manicure parlor. I bet she’d get all feisty and shit. But the husband can never do that, because the bitch would tell everyone how abusive her sicko husband was, and he would be confronted by all her retarded family members big time.

I can’t help but notice, this is also the same kind of housewife that would deprive her husband of self esteem. The kind that yells and shouts at her husband overtly. A power crazy and self centered Nazi bitch who takes every opportunity to create an autocracy environment at home. One that is worse than a succubus. If you have watched “Jennifer’s Body”, then you’ll know that a succubus gives a one off clean kill with minimal suffering, while a nefarious bitch like this see lai here latches on a host (her husband) and sucks the life slow and painful out of him for a life time.

It is only a matter of time before everything boils over and turn into a full fledged domestic violence. Either the bitch eventually takes the total dominance for granted and moves on to physical abuse, or the husband has enough of everything and kills her out of sheer rage. It couldn’t be good either way.

So to you docile victims out there, listen up. It’s not going to work if your wife/girlfriend acts like she’s a total bitch and disrespects you. A relationship, be it conjugal or not, has to be in a symbiosis basis. She good for you, you good for her. It pretty much includes she accepting your flaws, and you accepting hers. If it is good only for a single side, that is called a parasitic relationship. One of you has to be the host and the other a parasite. There’s only 1 ending for a parasitic relationship. The host fucking dies and the parasite moves on to another host.

If your spouse is a parasite, you need to deworm yourself from that sucker for a greater good. Pronto. Well, unless you want to die. Tell her to fuck off if she prohibits you from playing games/reading If she ever yells at you for no reason at all, flip her a bird (or stop paying her any allowance). Or if she’s too much of a menace to bear, dump her ass already. You deserve something better. You need to pick up your arms, lay down your pussy and fight for your rights!

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15 Comments to “parasitic see lai’s”

  1. Russell says:

    I guess someone is going to get more abused after his wife reads this.

  2. ShaolinTiger says:

    Reading your blog aint a flaw dude, it’s a positive haha.

  3. Quinn says:

    I second you Russell. Man…what kinda wife is that??? Erm, I yell at Aaron sometimes when we fight but he yells back too and it ended up we both were yelling and no one’s listening! Is that symbiosis you reckon???

  4. michaelooi says:

    Russell – Let the oppressed determine his own course then.

    ST – Uhm um yeah man ahaks

    Quinn – If Aaron flips you a bird the next time you yell him, then you’ll know, he thinks you’re a parasite.

  5. Ann says:

    Hopefully she reads this and ‘terasa pedas’!! HAHAHAHA… Some stupiak woman!

  6. auyongtc says:

    Mike… who is she la? Got comment on this blog before? I help you check the server logs and ban her computer from accessing this blog from the server side, want? Give her a taste of her own ridiculous medicine :p

    Ann… parasit macam ini tak akan terasa pedas langsung, tak terasa hari ni, tak terasa besok lusa, tak terasa seratus tahun jadi parasit pun :p

  7. michaelooi says:

    Ann – We’ll see… heheh.

    auyongtc – I have already established the identity of the see lai. Got her pikchures some more… muahahah. The troll buster team is always on the standby.

  8. Neo says:

    Michael, good reading! I suggest female like them to take class to repair their goodself. So self-centered. Guys married them, not sold their live to them

  9. Ann says:

    That see lai shld be banned from this blog.

    We should have something like a parasite zapper racket. To zap her away..

  10. mott says:


    Takes two to tango. Perhaps Mr.See Lai enjoys being yelled at.

    Love is stupidly strange sometimes.

    And Mrs. See Lai… come out come out..whereever you are….

  11. michaelooi says:

    Neo – Precisely dude. Apparently, some people take marriage for granted.

    Ann – Err… yeahh yeah big giant zapper racket to zap mean people away woo hoo.

    mott – No one enjoys being yelled at. That’s just something made up by the females to justify their yelling/nagging/griping/etc.

  12. JoJo says:

    the wife tell the husband: “if you read Michael’s blog, i will have my legs cross tight”

  13. bongkersz says:

    Mr. Lai also is also a pussy for letting his wife abusing him. Or maybe he’s still ‘tahan.. tahan…’ kaboom! News headline: Husband strangled wife for banning him reading blog.

  14. auyongtc says:

    Jojo…. I think the legs have been gathering cobwebs for many years by now

  15. eevet says:

    Like your parasite theory… So true

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