November 23, 2009

proof that common sense is not common – 4

I brought my 3 year old daughter to an indoor playground inside a hypermarket complex the other day. It was a pay per entry indoor playground, operated by 3 Malay ladies (escapes me why would the hypermarket need 3 headcounts for this simple work… to wrestle big mean kids when they get out of line?). The one manning the counter was with a big motherfucking nose. (Seriously, she looked like one of the Muppets with that nose. It was colossal)

Anyway, apart from that mutated giant nose, the next thing I noticed about that lady at the counter was her condescending behavior. Somehow, she must have felt really important for having that job, because when my wife queried about how much do we have to pay to enter the playground, she responded with 1 worded reply while looking at the ceiling. Most of the time, my wife and I would have chosen to walk away. But seeing that our daughter’s getting excited already, we decided to pay for the entry anyway.

After the payment, the lady with the overgrown nose whipped out a wrist tag and wanted my daughter to wear it. Because it wasn’t colorful or look cool enough, my daughter refused to wear the damn thing. But she insisted and my daughter was beginning to feel upset… That was when I decided to jump in to save my little damsel in distress… [conversation translated to English]

Me : “Does my daughter really have to wear this? It’s not like we’re going to fleece the entrance fee, right?”

Lady with big nose : “She needs to wear this wrist tag.”

Me : “What’s the rationale behind wearing the tag? So that she won’t get lost inside the playground? I can see the whole area from here.”

It was just a flimsy paper wrist tag, you can’t do jack shit with that thing. Besides, the size of the playground was only half of a badminton court.

Lady with big nose : “No, the tag’s important. She needs to wear it.”

She had this panicked look on her, because I was asking too much questions and they were overloading her micro brain, which I reckon must be located inside that big nose of hers (her head’s just full of kacip fatimah or whatever booster shit they take these days). She was unable to explain why the tag was so important, but only insisted my daughter to wear it.

Me : “Again, what’s the rationale behind this??”

She just stared back at me. She fucking BSOD’ed. I was about to ask for a refund from her nose, and but then one of her fat colleagues came to her rescue

Fat colleague : “Mister, the tag’s important because it has a time stamp on it!”

It didn’t even make any sense to me. So, if my daughter does not wear the paper tag on her wrist, the time stamp would magically disappear from the tag? I had to yell back at them,

Me : “So what difference is it going to make if I were to keep this tag in my wife’s bag, and return it when we leave the area later?? The time stamp is still there, right??”

The fat lady froze for a short moment and when everything started to make sense to her, she let my daughter in, without requiring her to wear the tag on her wrist. The big nosed lady was still looking puzzled when the fat one opened the gate (probably still couldn’t figure it out now)

You see, it is understandable that we do not need very skilled people to do the simplest of jobs. But sometimes even the simplest of jobs requires one to be reasonably sensible. Maybe just a tiny bit of common sense. But some people seem to even lack of that.

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