November 17, 2009

life saving memo

A friend who works in China, sent his recent workplace memo over for my reading amusement…

Dear colleagues,
An accident happened at 7:25am this morning. 5 buses (Including our shuttle bus Qingpu bus station line)were involved in a pileup on Huqingping road due to front bus’s emergency road change. One employee in the shuttle bus fell down on the bus floor .Fortunately no injury.

Herein we would like to remind you all that wild drive happened frequently in recent time, due to bad weather and bad road condition. On this condition our driver will take emergency brake. To avoid the injury due to such condition and meanwhile to protect your life safety, pls do fasten your safety belt once got on the shuttle bus!

So, it seems that those Chinese people are ok with their bus drivers to drive ‘wildly’ and perform crazy ass emergency brake maneuvers, but however, are deeply concerned (they bolded the phrase to illustrate this point) about the passengers not fastening their seatbelt! (and since when do buses have seatbelts?)

That’s like saying, it is ok to club your wife with a baseball bat… but is not ok to hurt her feelings… -__-‘

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