October 19, 2009


Ever since I ascended into my 30’s, parting with my money has been a bitter affair. Each time I am about to spend, I’d ask a lot of questions to get past my subconscious miserly alter ego. I was never like that.

I went to a shop the other day to inquire about my watch’s battery, and came upon that realization – how much of a jerk I can be sometimes…

Me: “Bro, you guys do battery replacement here for this watch?” [shows him my watch]

Bro: “Yes we do.”

The watch attendant was a short and smartly dressed middle aged man with mustache.

Me: “How much is it?”

Bro: “It’ll be 40 bucks.”

Me: “40 bucks? Any reason for it to be so expensive? I paid only 15 bucks the last replacement.”

Bro: “Oh, we use only original parts. Those 15 bucks batteries are usually from Japan. This is an original Tag Heuer Swiss made battery.”

Me: “You mean, a Tag Heuer battery?”

Bro: “Not really, but it is a Swiss made battery used in all brand new Tag Heuer watches. High quality stuff.”

Me: “High quality, huh… like how?”

Bro: “Errmm, it would last longer.”

Me: “How long? More than 5 years?”

Bro: “Errmm errrr…”

He couldn’t answer me because he wasn’t sure.

Me: “The 15 bucks Japan made battery lasted me 3 years, and it didn’t fuck my watch up, so I guess it is good enough. Why should I pay 40 bucks for something similar? Does this make any sense to you?”

His expression after than can be best described as ‘deer in headlights’ kind of expression. It’s like, somebody stretches out a nasty claw and grabbed him in the balls, and squeezed them till they go purple.

And then I reciprocated with a disgusted expression like he was trying to cheat an old woman, declined and peeled off.

Old age sucks.

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