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October 29, 2009

bad debt?

Spotted this today in TheStar:

Chor: Credit card tax meant to promote prudent spending
KUALA LUMPUR: If banks were to “absorb” the RM50 service tax imposed on credit and charge cards, it would defeat the Government’s aim of reducing the use of the cards to prevent accumulation of bad debts.

Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Chor Chee Heung said the target was “to limit the number of credit cards” in circulation.

He said the policy was not to increase the Government’s coffers as it would only amount to an annual revenue of a few hundred million ringgit.

“This is one of the ways to educate the public so that they will not borrow money through their credit cards. This is not a healthy practice. If financial institutions absorb the cost, it will defeat the purpose of having the policy,” he said while pointing to a newspaper report about a businessman who has 40 credit cards.

“Actually, you only need two cards,” he said.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced in the 2010 Budget the proposal to impose a RM50 annual service tax on each main credit and charge card and RM25 on supplementary cards.

If implemented, some financial analysts predicted that at least 30% of the 11 million card holders who have more than one card will have to pay RM100 each every year.

Chor said the Government hoped that the new tax would induce card holders to cancel excessive cards and spend wisely.

Cheong Wen Lee, a representative of a group of credit card agents, claimed that the policy would affect the livelihood of more than 5,000 credit card agents.

He said that since the new tax was announced last Friday, the number of applications for new credit cards had dropped by 80%.

The group, he said, would appeal to the Government to reconsider the decision as they believed that there were better alternatives to promote prudent spending among the people.

Several banks declined to comment when contacted.

Pardon me but, isn’t it a good thing that we spend more? It keeps the economy going – as people say. Banks are spending literally millions to encourage people to spend more. And now, our government comes up with this 50 fucking ringgit charge to reverse that effort. To promote ‘prudent spending’ they say. What the fuck.

I was thinking, wouldn’t it make more sense to regulate the eligibility for a credit card instead? Many years ago, it was hard to apply for a credit card unless you earn a minimum wage of a certain amount. That is to make sure one is able to pay up the debt. Just like how banks decide whether to authorize a mortgage plan.

It seems that nowadays, any asshole can apply for a card. Bad debt happens when these assholes fail to earn fast enough to pay up what they have spent.

In short, more cards does not equal bad debts. An asshole can still get a bad debt even without a card. Go figure.

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October 23, 2009

kepala hantuk dinding – 2

Remember the dumb ass Malay auditor who kept asking me asinine questions? Well, he came into my lab the other day for another round of audit. This time, he was auditing my lab for ‘unconventional housekeeping that may cause occupational hazard’.

After barely walking through my lab for 5 minutes, that guy arrived to a one-sentence conclusion that pretty much summed up every professional opinion he had about me and my fucking lab – “YOUR LAB IS VERY MESSY”.

Being a seasoned employee and been through this many times before, I immediately knew that the single-sentence conclusion was a lame effort to make himself feel important (probably a retaliation of what I did to him before), simply because he did not know what he was looking for and was too dumb to come up with anything intelligent. So I decided to fuck with him.

First, I shot him a barrage of questions pertaining his audit checklist, and requested him to define the word ‘messy’. And then, I requested for an itemized list of findings that made him arrive to the conclusion that my lab was ‘messy’. It was a gratifying experience to watch him struggle for answers. And in one of his findings, he alleged that I didn’t have labels on my monitors (stating that they’re monitors). Can you imagine how retarded was that?

“So, if I don’t label that monitor as a ‘monitor’, I won’t know that it is a monitor? And why is that even relevant to occupational hazard?” – that was what I said to him verbatim. And that was just one of them. There were many more. Some of the items he found were even from his own negligence.

After having that episode of difficult period with Michael the fucking Ooi, the guy published his audit report a week later, and copied my boss / his boss in it. In his email, he emphasized that I needed to ‘fix the issues’ and demanded them to be done in 3 working days. In case you didn’t get what the dickwad did, let me highlight this to you – he used 1 fucking week to type out the simple report, and wanted me to fix the issues in 3 WORKING DAYS.

What would you do? I did what’s best for him. I invited his boss and my boss to conduct a re-audit, which had his own boss questioning almost all of his findings (eg. dusty tables = occupational hazard?), made him look like a total dumbass and had all that items closed right there and then.

Now this guy, however incompetent and daft, is just an auditor with absolutely no weight that could cause any harm. But can you imagine, what if people like him were to be given a task important enough to be able to change your life and mine? It’s gonna spell disaster. Just like what’s happening now in our Malaysian political scene. Nabeh.

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October 21, 2009

what’s the fucking point?

Spotted this in the local news site today.

Finally, MyKad for Choong
PETALING JAYA: Choong Yik Sheng, 99, who passed away yesterday, will finally be issued his MyKad.

Special officer to the Home Minister Datuk Lau Yeng Peng said Choong’s red MyKad had been issued and he was to have received his permanent resident and birth certificate soon.

“When I heard the news of his death I was choked with emotions. It’s really unfortunate,” Lau told The Star.

“We gave his case priority and simplified procedures for him because of time constraint. But we still had to abide by certain procedures, otherwise he would have gotten his MyKad earlier,” he added.

Lau said he would be attending Choong’s funeral at the Nirwana Memorial Centre in Jalan Sg Besi today to pay his respects.

He will also present Choong’s MyKad to the caretaker of the old folks’ home at the Siri Jayanti Metta Welfare Association in Setapak where Choong lived.

Choong’s case was highlighted by the Chinese newspapers in early October and soon after, the registration department was instructed to collect his personal data to facilitate the issuance of the MyKad.

I guess Mr.Choong will be needing the MyKad to apply for a loan at some big bank up there…

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October 19, 2009


Ever since I ascended into my 30’s, parting with my money has been a bitter affair. Each time I am about to spend, I’d ask a lot of questions to get past my subconscious miserly alter ego. I was never like that.

I went to a shop the other day to inquire about my watch’s battery, and came upon that realization – how much of a jerk I can be sometimes…

Me: “Bro, you guys do battery replacement here for this watch?” [shows him my watch]

Bro: “Yes we do.”

The watch attendant was a short and smartly dressed middle aged man with mustache.

Me: “How much is it?”

Bro: “It’ll be 40 bucks.”

Me: “40 bucks? Any reason for it to be so expensive? I paid only 15 bucks the last replacement.”

Bro: “Oh, we use only original parts. Those 15 bucks batteries are usually from Japan. This is an original Tag Heuer Swiss made battery.”

Me: “You mean, a Tag Heuer battery?”

Bro: “Not really, but it is a Swiss made battery used in all brand new Tag Heuer watches. High quality stuff.”

Me: “High quality, huh… like how?”

Bro: “Errmm, it would last longer.”

Me: “How long? More than 5 years?”

Bro: “Errmm errrr…”

He couldn’t answer me because he wasn’t sure.

Me: “The 15 bucks Japan made battery lasted me 3 years, and it didn’t fuck my watch up, so I guess it is good enough. Why should I pay 40 bucks for something similar? Does this make any sense to you?”

His expression after than can be best described as ‘deer in headlights’ kind of expression. It’s like, somebody stretches out a nasty claw and grabbed him in the balls, and squeezed them till they go purple.

And then I reciprocated with a disgusted expression like he was trying to cheat an old woman, declined and peeled off.

Old age sucks.

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October 12, 2009

whore for charity

A while back, the big dogs at Company X got very gung-ho about whoring the company in the name of charity. It wasn’t long before somebody with half a brain came up with the idea of tracking the participation rate of every goddamned department, and affects us employees with comparatively punier pay grade indirectly. Now, we are all ‘required to volunteer’ ourselves for at least one of the charity events, or else, our career path will be severely interrupted (if not already).

That was when I bitched to my boss about it (the bitching was actually longer, this is the compressed version for easier blogging/reading).

Me: “This is total bullshit really. Is Company X so desperate nowadays that they’re so fucking all out to get everything they can out of free publicity in the name of charity by bilking us employees off? Hell, if I wanted to do charity, I ain’t doing it in the name of Company X!”

Yes, my boss is kinda cool. He lets me cuss in front of him.

Boss: “The least you can do, is participate in that charity run. Just run your hearts out.”

He was right, the charity run. The simplest amongst the sea of retarded events, just pay up 30 bucks for an overpriced odd looking T-shirt and run around the industrial area looking stupid while whiffing in a large dosage of toxic air. But still, way too inconvenient for me. I’m not the ‘running’ kind of guy you see…

Me: “Well, can I just pay and not run?”

Boss: “They’d be taking attendance.”

Me: “What’s the fucking point? They still get my money right? In fact, they’d save on the stupid T-shirt and a person less to worry about. Come to think of it, why don’t they just fold the whole running event and just collect money instead… Much more practical…”

Then my boss decided to get Kwai Chang Caine with me…

Boss: “Charity isn’t all about money, you see. It’s about getting involved. Making you guys run is about getting all of you involved, in charity.”

I was thinking, if it’s all about getting involved, why don’t we just all forget about paying and just run instead? I bet the poor disabled people will be impressed with our effort and be happy for the rest of their lives. Or we can just adopt a couple of lizards off the ceiling of our own homes and show some love for the lesser lives. That’s charity with effort. Why do we have to collect money and run? I so wanted to tell my boss that that’s the dumbest shit I’ve heard. But then, I got reminded about the rules I made about not biting the hand that feeds you so, I let that one go.

Working in Company X is getting more and more ridiculous goddamn it.

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